Singapore Jurong Bird Park – A Must Visit

One of the main attractions nestles in the corner of the island, a very unassuming locale with an ornate gate and a collection of the most rarest and beautiful species of the animals of flight you will ever see; the Singapore Jurong Bird Park is definitely a must visit for anyone to be visiting this lovely island named after the mythical sealion. This place appeals to anyone with a love for the unusual, exciting, the colourful and an experience that closely resembles a natural rainforest within the edifices of concrete and steel.

The Singapore Jurong Bird Park is located in the westerly area of Singapore and the rustic locale just adds to the rustic charm. It feels like an adventure as you leave the busy lights and mass crowds of the town centres and the charming suburbs – languishing slowly through a busy highway that slowly but sure becomes quieter and quieter as the kilometres go by. Reaching the all familiar sign, you will be treated to an almost minituaristic Jurassic park like entrance, only instead of a roar and a thunder shaking rumble – you will experience the warm smiles of the staff and the calls of different species echoing through the air.

The many gift and souvenir shops are also a must visit for anyone who wants a complete journey and bring home something to remember the place by. The gifts are original, charming and completely bird inspired – from keychains to t-shirts that serve as a reminder to the wonderful time you have had in the westerly bird park.

The park definitely lives up to its mantra of a place with living colours and there is never a dull moment within its landscape of birds and different attractions that will keep both adults and kids happy. Be frightened and in awe at the birds of prey show and be astounded by the beauty of the birds of paradise. Walk through pelican cove and parrot paradise, not forgetting an almost musical turn of events with an attraction called Swan Lake. From every corner of the world, birds of all shapes, forms and sizes are put on display, either in large habitations or roaming free within large enclosures and open air viewables. You can even feed and let them land on your hand – a total sensory experience that gives you an insight to birds and how they live, breathe and pass the time.

Travel through the whimsically named panorail and ‘fly’ together with some of the birds as you get a birds eye view of the attractions and the entire park in an informative and fun ride. It is not just a tourist attraction, but an experience in itself, a wonder, a jewel within an island known to be one giant city. You might even get a glimpse of events and even a gander at love taking flight as some couples choose this picturesque location to get married. Visit the Jurong Bird Park today – you won’t be disappointed.

International Airlines Flight Status, Schedule and Information

International Airlines Flight Status, Schedule and Information offers details about these aspects making it easier for fliers to plan their flight. Information about the international airlines connecting global destinations helps you in planning your journey, book flights in advance and know about other relevant details.

The flight status, schedule and information about the following international airlines are available:

Tiger Airways, an airline based in Singapore, operates regular flights to various international destinations in India, China, Indonesia, Australia, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Macau. The flight status of Tiger Airways ranges from 3 flights to 100 flights on a weekly basis.

The largest airlines operating in Spain, Iberia Airways, connects the country with various global destinations. The regular flights operated by Iberia Airways provide links to countries in Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Europe.

Jazeera Airways, an international airline based in Kuwait, operates flights to destinations like Alexandria, Amman, Beirut, Dubai, Mumbai, Luxor, Shiraz, Maldives, Delhi and so on. Information about the flight status and schedule is available at the office of the airlines as well as their website.

Mexicana Airlines has its main hub at the Mexico City International Airport. The flight schedule of Mexicana Airlines features regular flights connecting Mexico with various destinations in North, South and Central America and the Caribbean.

Operational since 2003, Air Deccan is one of the low cost airlines of India. The flights operated by Air Deccan connect different destinations like Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune, Vizag, Imphal, Port Blair, Bangalore, Cochin, Madurai and so on.

International Airlines Flight Status, Schedule and Information includes relevant details about the flights operated by various airlines like Tiger Airways, Iberia Airways, Jazeera Airways, Mexicana Airlines, Air Deccan and so on.

Staying for a day in Singapore

If you have only a day in Singapore, you could opt for one of the following categories of itineraries:

A. Nature and Nurture:

The first thing that strikes you about Singapore upon landing and walking out of the airport is its clean and green environment. Singapore has inspired many a great country to follow its pursuit of cleanliness and greenness. Take a walk along the massive Corniche in the United Arab Emirates and you will find a striking gigantic resemblance to the Esplanade in Singapore. Despite the congestion of concrete in highly urbanized parts of the Lion City, you will always find some trees with a stone’s throw.

If you are not looking for a concrete jungle which reminds you of work back in your own homeland, head away to the pockets of open space where green is the theme and where flora and fauna are aplenty.

If you like sunshine and sea, head for the East Coast where you would find vast greens for a ball game, a training lake for surfing, skates, kayaks and bicycles for rental and restaurants ranging from fast food to local delights. You will also find a line of seafood restaurants facing the seafront where you can dine in candlelight elegance or Chinese restaurant manner.

Just at the edge of the busy Orchard Road area is the Singapore Botanic Gardens which stretches all the way to the Bukit Timah Road, one of the earliest roads in Singapore. The Gardens houses the world acclaimed National Orchid Garden which boasts of many orchids including the local hybrid the Vanda Miss Joaquim which became Singapore’s National Flower in April 1981.

Bring along your running shoes if you wish to have some leg stretches before your next flight. Jog along the paths and the lakes. Admire the lotus and the lily plants in the pond and the tropical settings in a primary forest. Study the spices found at the Spice Garden which is located nearer the Bukit Timah extension of the Botanic Gardens.

Another free access park is the Labrador Park which boasts of a historical hill, a jogging track along a coast and a jetty where anglers will brief you about the fish and other sea creatures available in the local waters.

Singapore boasts of having three world class parks the Singapore Zoological Gardens, the Night Safari and the Jurong Bird Park. These three places not only offer views of exotic Asian animals and birds but are also landscaped into picnic areas where the Zoo and the Bird Park are concerned and a favorite night haunt where the Night Safari are

What to Do in Sunny Singapore? a 360-degree View Atop the World’s Largest Observation Wheel

The Singapore Flyer, which will be Asia’s biggest giant observation wheel when officially launched in March 2008, promises an exhilarating top-of-the-world experience, from 165 meters in the sky (equivalent to the height a 42-storey building).

With the mesmerizing landscape of Singapore, the 30-minute flight provides visitors the chance to see Singapore, and the surrounding islands of Indonesia and parts of Malaysia in all their glory. When paired with one of the Signature Cocktail package or customized with breakfast/high tea packages upon request, this experience will create beautiful and long-lasting memories of the Lion City that all visitors will treasure and enjoy.

Passengers on Singapore’s new attraction can relax in comfort in the luxurious capsules aboard the Flyer, each measuring 7m long by 4m wide by 4m high, which can accommodate up to 28 people.

Visitors can take in the amazing panoramic 360-degree views of the burgeoning Marina Bay area and the significant development of the exciting new Integrated Resort and the new business financial centre. The ride will also offer a bird’s eye view of the most exciting sports event to hit Singapore shores next year – Singapore’s very own Formula One Grand Prix race!

The eclectic mix of specialty and lifestyle concept shops at the Retail Terminal further provides visitors with the convenience of a truly unique shopping experience. At the heart of the Retail Terminal, visitors can also enjoy a cool reprieve from the tropical heat from the lush Asian rainforest and its cascading water displays.

With numerous ramps and accessible walkways, the Singapore Flyer is completely disabled-friendly and promises to be a seamless and comfortable experience for everyone!

With its unique offerings, the Singapore Flyer is indeed poised to be an iconic attraction that will significantly enhance the tourism landscape in Singapore. A welcome addition to the Singapore skyline, the Singapore Flyer will inject much vibrancy and excitement to the Marina Bay area and offer visitors an unforgettable Uniquely Singapore experience, – ‘truly a moving experience at every turn with mesmerizing sights and breathtaking views in the skies’.

Flights From Uk to Singapore

There are an abundance of flights from London, to Beijing. China travel and China holidays are very popular these days and will be even more so when the Beijing 2008 Olympics are held next summer. It is important that you book your flights from UK to Beijing early, so you can get the best deals possible.

Beijing is the capital of China and has around 12.5 million people. If you are travelling to China, the best way to get there is to take flights from UK to Beijing and begin your journey there. Besides the fact that Beijing, and the surrounding areas, have many of the countries attractions, it is a base where you can find other flights to other areas of China. From Beijing, you can find flights to Shanghai, China, and cheap flights to Hong Kong. Considering that Beijing is the capital and the Beijing International Airport sees many international flights from all over the world, there are many cheap flights to Beijing, especially from the UK. The best times to find cheap flights to Beijing can be during the spring and summer months. You should be aware that the summer of 2008 will be a major destination for travellers the world over because of the Beijing 2008 Olympics. If you plan on China holidays for the Olympics, you should book your flights early to get the best price possible for flights from UK to Beijing.

China holidays and China travel will allow you to experience attractions that are world famous. Many of these attractions in China are in Beijing and the surrounding areas. The city of Beijing has been the centre of Chinese society for over 2,000 years. Probably, the biggest attraction in China is the Great Wall. China travel from the UK and China holidays are not complete without a visit to the Great Wall, which is one of the Eight Wonders of the World, and the only man-made structure that can be seen from the moon. The Great Wall of China is 6,700 km long and spans five provinces. The Forbidden City is one of the best-preserved imperial complexes in the entire world. The Forbidden City is just over 5 centuries old and has been the residence of many of the dynasties in China during that time period. There are 9,999 rooms and over 900,000 priceless antiques in the Forbidden City, and if you travel to Beijing, it is a must see destination. Tiananmen Square is located in Beijing itself, and it is the largest city square in the world. Tiananmen Square has seen many historic events throughout history and is the symbol of the sign of Beijing. The Mao Mausoleum, the Chinese Revolution History Museum, the beautiful Tiananmen Tower, and the Qianmen, which is the front gate of Tiananmen Square, surround the square. Every day at sunrise and sunset, there are flag ceremonies that should not be missed. There are many beautiful temples in Beijing such as the White Cloud Taoist Temple, The Temple of Heaven, and the Lama Temple, to name a few. The Silk Market in Beijing is a marketplace that can’t be missed by anyone visiting Beijing. Just a few of the many other attractions that Beijing has to offer are the Beijing Botanical Gardens, the Ming Tombs, and the Summer Palace.

There are many budget accommodations in Beijing, which is why China travel is very popular with backpackers, especially on their gap year. Cheap restaurants and food stalls are located throughout the city of Beijing. China travel is not complete without trying the delicious noodle dishes that can be found for relatively nothing on the streets of Beijing. Overall, the city of Beijing is a safe city, and the only dangers that travellers need to worry about are crossing the city streets, with the amount of traffic, and paying too much for souvenirs. Many people from around the world take China holidays for spiritual reasons, travelling to Beijing and other areas throughout the country.

The city is gearing up for the Beijing 2008 Olympics, and there will be an increase in flights from around the world to Beijing leading up the Olympic games. The price of the flights from UK to Beijing will be more expensive the closer they are to the Olympics, so book early to find the best deals. Accommodations in the city will also fill up during the Beijing 2008 Olympics, so book your accommodations early as well. Beijing’s subway system will double in size for the Olympics, and there will be direct routes from Beijing International Airport to many areas in the city during the summer of 2008.

China travel and China holidays in the city of Beijing are very popular because of the many attractions that the city offers and especially with the Beijing 2008 Olympics fast approaching. There are many flights from UK to Beijing available, especially originating from London. The best possibility to find a cheap flight to China and a cheap flight to Beijing is probably from the London airports of Heathrow and Stansted. To get the best deal on a flight from the UK to Beijing, be sure to book early, especially if you are thinking of China travel during the time of the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

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Finding Budget Friendly Cheap Hotels in Singapore

Singapore is an island located in the Malay Peninsula. This small island of Southeast Asia is one of the few existing city -states in the world. The mix culture of the Chinese, the Indians, the Malaysians and the Europeans can be seen through out the entire city. This developed city of present time lures a great number of tourists due to its unique universal atmosphere and amusing way of life. Shopping and nightlife life in Singapore are beyond one’s explanation. It can be experienced with utmost pleasure. Making a plan for a holiday trip to Singapore is a great wonderful idea.

The hotels in Singapore are of different types which can easily suite to your budget. If you are thinking to spend more in hotel accommodations then you should go for the best luxury hotels of the town. But in the opposite case there are hotels for those who do not want to invest much on accommodations. Cheap Hotels In Singapore are exclusively designed keeping in mind about the basic needs of a modern day guest, which can come under one’s budget with ease. The city of Singapore is very clean and on the same time due to its tropical climatic condition it’s pleasant to visit in every season.

Discounts Hotels include a variety of luxury hotels which are of star rating in between 1-3. That is why budget travelers or backpackers can also afford the luxury motels in an affordable price. The tastefully decorated hotel rooms are enough to pamper the wishes of the visitors. Don’t plan anything in hurry; take sufficient time to choose the right hotel which can fulfill both your desire and budget. Browse the internet hotel websites of the city and make a deep research of the locations of the hotels, its prices, its features and facilities. Make a firm decision where to stay and then book the hotel seeing its terms and conditions for avoiding any unpleasant event in future. However, the Budget Hotels In Singapore offer all the latest facilities for a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Why and How to Do Cheap Hotel Reservations in Cheap Hotels in Singapore


The city of Singapore offers remarkable tourist attractions. People love to visit this island-state where the combination of Chinese, Indian and Malaysian culture can be seen. Singapore is an excellent place for good shopping and a vibrant nightlife with spicy food. Plan a perfect vacation in Singapore and explore the city with full of fun.


Where to stay in Singapore? There are various hotels which provide good accommodations and on the same time they are affordable and cheap as well. So, Cheap Hotels In Singapore are budget friendly and that is why any individual can afford it easily. Budget travelers and backpackers prefer to stay in Golden Hotel Singapore or cheap and budget hotels while tourists with deep pockets love comfort, elegance and opulence of luxury Singapore hotels.


Cheap Hotel Reservations can be done on line. In fact, it will be a thoughtful job to select the place and hotel in advance before you start your trip.


Hotel 81 Gold Singapore is located centrally and guest can easily reach Changi International Airport, the Central Business District, Convention Centers and Shopping Belt on various modes of public transportation. The room facilities include air conditioning, attached bathroom or shower with heater, mini bar, non-smoking rooms, in-room television, in-room IDD Telephone, Iron and Ironing Board, Coffee/Tea making facilities. Apart from these, parking, rooms for the disabled, laundry service arrangement are included in hotel facilities. This three star rating hotel also offers meeting facilities like simple business center, and dinning and entertainment facilities such as Alfresco Cafe, Restaurant and Pub.


Hotel 81 Orchid Singapore is another three star hotel which is located in Geylang. Experience outstanding service from the hotel’s attentive staff the moment you step into the hotel.


These stars rating Budget Hotels In Singapore makes the tour easier even for the first time visitors. Hence, book the discount hotels which are quite easily available online on every ticket booking site. Cheap hotel reservations can save your money for your further budget of Singapore tour.

Cuisine as community: How food practices influence how we relate to one another

Malay dishes are influeced by the culture of the forefathers. This also influence how we relate to one another. In understanding the custom of Malays, a good start is knowing the cuisine. They use techniques, ingredients and decorations that will please the guest. Some popular dishes are as follow.

Nasi Kuning (or Yellow rice) predominates in royal functions as yellow colour symbolize wealth. This dish is served with side serving of rendang and sambal goreng. Complimenting it with ruby milk beverage dessert. Also known as Air Delima, sprinkle of colored water chestnut in sweeten coconut milk.

Rice are consumed daily, often shaped by compressing to give variety in display. The lontong (compressed rice cake) and complemental dishes of lauk lodeh, serunding, sambal tumis, telur rebus and ayam goreng. Also shown technique of wrapping for a compressed dessert Nagasari Pisang, using rice flour, banana slice and coconut milk.

Dishes with tumeric (herb) and green bean flour. Herbs are easily found in Asia and planted in most homes. Pulut kuning (glutinous rice) is steamed with tumeric (herb) for its golden colour and nutritive value. We serve this together with sambal goreng and rendang daging. Sweet dessert decorated with coconut cream topping also known as kuih Koleh-koleh (or green bean cake) at the side.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens at its present site was founded in 1859 by an Agri-Horticultural Society. The Gardens showcases many outstanding plant collections. Some highlights include the National Orchard Garden, the Ginger Garden and the Evolution Garden including many rare specimens. Traditional remedy or herbal medicine comes from various type of medical plants’, either from the leaves, the fruits, the roots, the flowers or the barks, etc. Many malay remedies of jamu (from herbs) are mixed into the food that they consumed.

The manner of handling a mould (a five-holed cup) to cook roti kirai crepe. Reason for five holes is that it mean the 5 pillars of Islam, a religion of most Malays. Mixing the flour, eggs and water to be of right consistency in order to have the batter spread evenly on the heated flat pan. Accompanying dishes of chicken curry and egg salad.

Colourful food using a poisonous plant Buah Keluak (or Pangium edule). Its for the gravy of Nasi Rawan with seeds of this fruit as its main ingredient. Also steam colourful batter for kuih lompang dessert, served with grind coconut.

Laksa’s gravy make this rice noodle snack well-known. The seafood base paste with either ground fish or ground prawn. And bakes sweet cake kuih bakar jagung (Bake corn cake) for dessert.

Cheap Hotels in Singapore are Very Much Sought After

Hotels in Singapore are among the best known accommodation in the world. Equipped with the best of modern facilities and pleasing lodgers with its commendable services, Singapore Hotels are highly recommended accommodation in the country. Even cheap hotels in Singapore make for a great accommodation.

Falling in all categories, hotels in Singapore can be found in different price brackets. Ranging from luxurious Singapore hotels, mid range hotels to budget hotels… you will find it all in this lovely destination. Hotels Singapore is highly praised all across the world for their pretty ambience and warm reception. The hotel staffs are polite and very warm who meet all your needs with utmost respect and graciousness. Sought after by the backpackers and young people with lesser budget, cheap hotels in Singapore can be found mainly in areas of Little India, Bugis and East Coast. Singapore Budget Hotels are generally featureless and middling in their amenities and services, but they still are very much in demand and purposeful. You will find most of these lodgings in the western region of the Singapore River. Of late there has been an upsurge of “boutique” hotels in revamped shop houses here and in the area Chinatown and these accommodations are available at pretty good value.

An island-state in the region of Southeast Asia, Singapore is connected to Malaysia by bridges. Once a British trading colony, it is today one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Singapore is highly influenced by the Indian, Chinese, and Malay culture and it is the a tropical climate, with tasty food, good shopping and a vibrant nightlife scene, this Garden City makes a great stopover or springboard into the region. Singapore’s strategic location has helped it develop into a major hub for trade, communications, finance and tourism. Since Singapore is a popular travel destination, hotels in Singapore makes sure that they impress you to no end.

Some of the best things to do while you are on your trip to Singapore are as follows:


It is a heavenly experience to shop around in Singapore. Well designed and colossally built, shopping malls and centers of Singapore are a perfect haven for all the shopaholics. Most of the stores are open 7 days a week from 10 AM in the morning to 10 PM in the night. Many stores located along the shopping arcade of Orchard Road and Scotts Road now remain open late in the night on the last Friday of every month that has more than 250 retailers staying open till midnight.


Singaporean cuisines are simply delectable. Since the country is largely influenced by Chinese, Indian and Malay culture, you will find quality Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, French, Italian, American and other food in this city-state. Not just the food the restaurants as well are truly praiseworthy. The cheapest and most liked places to eat in Singapore are hawker centres. Apart from being a great place to eat out, the hygiene standards are also very good.

So have a good time in Singapore.

Hotels in Singapore, cheap hotels in Singapore

Hotels in Singapore are among the best known accommodation in the world. Equipped with the best of modern facilities and pleasing lodgers with its commendable services, Singapore Hotels are highly recommended accommodation in the country. Even cheap hotels in Singapore make for a great accommodation.