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Cheap Hotels in Singapore are Very Much Sought After

Hotels in Singapore are among the best known accommodation in the world. Equipped with the best of modern facilities and pleasing lodgers with its commendable services, Singapore Hotels are highly recommended accommodation in the country. Even cheap hotels in Singapore make for a great accommodation.

Falling in all categories, hotels in Singapore can be found in different price brackets. Ranging from luxurious Singapore hotels, mid range hotels to budget hotels… you will find it all in this lovely destination. Hotels Singapore is highly praised all across the world for their pretty ambience and warm reception. The hotel staffs are polite and very warm who meet all your needs with utmost respect and graciousness. Sought after by the backpackers and young people with lesser budget, cheap hotels in Singapore can be found mainly in areas of Little India, Bugis and East Coast. Singapore Budget Hotels are generally featureless and middling in their amenities and services, but they still are very much in demand and purposeful. You will find most of these lodgings in the western region of the Singapore River. Of late there has been an upsurge of “boutique” hotels in revamped shop houses here and in the area Chinatown and these accommodations are available at pretty good value.

An island-state in the region of Southeast Asia, Singapore is connected to Malaysia by bridges. Once a British trading colony, it is today one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Singapore is highly influenced by the Indian, Chinese, and Malay culture and it is the a tropical climate, with tasty food, good shopping and a vibrant nightlife scene, this Garden City makes a great stopover or springboard into the region. Singapore’s strategic location has helped it develop into a major hub for trade, communications, finance and tourism. Since Singapore is a popular travel destination, hotels in Singapore makes sure that they impress you to no end.

Some of the best things to do while you are on your trip to Singapore are as follows:


It is a heavenly experience to shop around in Singapore. Well designed and colossally built, shopping malls and centers of Singapore are a perfect haven for all the shopaholics. Most of the stores are open 7 days a week from 10 AM in the morning to 10 PM in the night. Many stores located along the shopping arcade of Orchard Road and Scotts Road now remain open late in the night on the last Friday of every month that has more than 250 retailers staying open till midnight.


Singaporean cuisines are simply delectable. Since the country is largely influenced by Chinese, Indian and Malay culture, you will find quality Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, French, Italian, American and other food in this city-state. Not just the food the restaurants as well are truly praiseworthy. The cheapest and most liked places to eat in Singapore are hawker centres. Apart from being a great place to eat out, the hygiene standards are also very good.

So have a good time in Singapore.

Hotels in Singapore, cheap hotels in Singapore

Hotels in Singapore are among the best known accommodation in the world. Equipped with the best of modern facilities and pleasing lodgers with its commendable services, Singapore Hotels are highly recommended accommodation in the country. Even cheap hotels in Singapore make for a great accommodation.

Renting Apartments in Singapore Can Be A Good Decision

The Republic of Singapore is an island nation situated at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. It is around 137 kilometers north of the Equator, south of the Malaysian state of Johor and north of Indonesia’s Riau Islands. Singapore is one of the remaining city-states in the world and the smallest country in Southeast Asia. Singapore holds several accommodation facilities with different amenities.

Apartments have a big place among the accommodation facilities available in Singapore. The decision to rent an apartment in Singapore can be a good decision. If you are planning for a short stay in the vibrant city of Singapore then it is better to go for an apartment rental. By this way you can simply avoid the costs of upkeep associated with the apartment.

Some times it is very difficult to make an apartment feel like home. This thing will be true if your apartment owner is very stern about the type of decorations you can do within your apartment. There are some simple tricks to make your apartments feel like home. The first way to make this possible is to make the larger rooms in the apartment to smaller ones. This can be done by the help of folding screen which is available in the market. You can easily buy a folding screen which has your favorite display printed on it. If your mind is creative then you can buy old door and then decorate it with wallpaper and other decorative.

You can also provide a personal touch to your apartment by changing the basic knobs of the cabinets in the apartments with something decorative and suites your personal style. You can also change the entire cabinet door to make the cabinet more attractive. There is no provision to rip out the carpet and repaint the walls of your rented apartment, but you can make some changes to the look of the walls by attaching flat sheets or you can even create wall forms to fit snuggly against your walls. For changing the look of floors you can simply create your own rug using carpet samples.

There are several things that you can do to make your rented apartment in Singapore more beautiful. You can create a new look in your bathroom by attaching a fabric skirt around the wall mounted bathroom sink. Artworks and plants can be placed in the apartment to increase its beauty. You can hang lightweight picture on the walls without making holes in the wall. If you are person with little imagination and creativity then you can make your rented apartment in Singapore a vibrant home.

Some people believe that the life in an apartment is the recipe for living. According to experts “Time to enjoy family & friends” make the people happy. So the noticeable conclusion from all this is that apartment residents are happier than all other people who are staying in other places. Most of the people around the world like to rent an apartment than buying a home. The first and most important reason to live in an apartment is that there is no yard to mow.

In an apartment you will never have to pull weeds, worry about taking care of fire ant problem misuse water on the lawn to remain your grass green. Freedom in the apartment is the next important factor that attracts most of the people towards apartments. You can move anywhere at the end of the lease with the apartment owner without any legal barrier.

In apartments in Singapore you will get the facilities which are available in a star hotel in Singapore. You can use pool and deck areas at any time of the day without the tension about up-keeping.

Now-a-days renting an apartment in Singapore is much cheaper than ever before. If your are staying in your house then you have to take care of toilet breaks, refrigerator runs, door falls off it’s hinges, sink leaks, develop a pest problem, or any number of the possible things that can happen. In an apartment you can simply inform the management whenever you face a situation like above. They will take necessary steps and make the things in order at the earliest. Most of the apartments in Singapore hold fitness centers. This facility is free to use for those who are staying in the apartment complex.

Comfortable, Quality Singapore Hotels


Singapore is a tourist destination, which the tourists all over the globe are eyeing for a holiday filled with all the fun and excitement. It is a small country but packed with tons of surprises that attract millions to the country. Located at the southern tip of Malay Peninsula, Singapore is both an island and a country, which has derived its name from the Malay words ‘singa’ meaning lion and ‘pura’ meaning city. This is also the reason why sometimes the city is referred to as the Lion city. From a sleeping fishing village, Singapore has developed into an important financial center and a popular tourist destination. The country makes an excellent destination for all kinds of traveler’s right from an adventure holiday, leisure trip, romantic getaway, to business destination and even a stop-off destination.

Holidaymakers travel to this city to experience a hi-tech cosmopolitan city that has a lot to offer them. The city appeals to all, which is always bursting with excitement and entertainment. The perfect blend of traditions, cultures and the modern infrastructure, along with an array of attractions and activities, makes the city a hot tourist spot. Add to it the warmth and welcoming nature of the people, Singapore is a wonderful place. Singapore can be visited any time of the year, as the city enjoys a pleasant climate the whole year. The temperature always stays close to 29°C and with a rainfall throughout the year. Thus, the climate is not a major concern area when planning to visit Singapore but the events that take place here. The country is a happening place and what better times than Singapore’s exciting special events, so check ahead for the date’s and reserve your Singapore hotel.

Singapore has a wide range and variety of accommodation to facilitate its visitors. The right mix of Singapore hotels caters to all kinds of travelers and their requirements. The Singapore accommodation on offer takes care that all from backpackers, budget travelers, family travelers to business travelers all get a comfortable and quality hotels Singapore. With the Singapore hotels providing utmost comfort and quality service, they are ideal pick for business or leisure travel. The colonial district is a popular choice for the tourists for putting up as it’s in close proximity to the city’s main tourist sites. Orchard road is another favorite place for the visitors to choose their Singapore hotel as this area is an important shopping center. If looking for a quite accommodation away from the hustle bustle of the city, there are options available in the Sentosa Island.

One of the most modern cities of Asia, Singapore is a cosmopolitan city that is also the wealthiest and cleanest city in the world. The country has an array of fun filled activities, attractions on offer for an exciting vacation. There is no better city, which keeps you entertained all the time with the festivals and events taking place through out the year. The country has a diverse culture, opportunities to explore the beautiful beaches, numerous attractions along with great shopping facilities. The country’s food and entertainment go hand in hand, offering a wide variety of food as Singapore is home to people from different cultures. The result is number of different cuisines available to the tourists. This is a unique city, which has all the right things to capture the visitor’s attention. Thus, the city has a vibrating, moving and exciting nightlife. After the night sets in, one can see the nightclubs, pubs and bars coming alive with activity. Its party time and people chill out until the wee hours.

Short stories: A rendezvous one evening at a cafe in Paris

Strangely this tale starts not in France but in Singapore. I had just flown into this large Asian city – the first stop on my backpacking tour around the world – and I felt very green. My backpack was huge, heavy and uncomfortable. I had never been away from home before and, silly as this sounds, everything felt really foreign. I had been wandering the streets for hours, searching for a suitably cheap place to stay with no success. I finally found a backpacker hostel called Uncle Loons and struggled into the foyer goggle-eyed with exhaustion. All the dormitories were full but he had one double room left for 50 bucks a night. Would I like it? I had budgeted 10 bucks a night for accommodation but couldn’t have cared if this room was 500 bucks a night. Yes, I wanted it.

Uncle Loon handed me a key and I stood in the foyer wondering if I had the strength to lift this ridiculous backpack. Had I mistakenly packed a dismantled car engine in there? As I gently swayed in the foyer an Australian girl strode up to the desk. In an accent as flat as week old lemonade she asked if there were any vacancies. Uncle Loon pointed at me and told her I had taken the last room. She looked at me and smiled.

“G’day”, she said. “I’m Sarah.”

“Hi,” I answered. “I’m Peter.”

“Listen, mate, I won’t beat around the bush, can I share that room with you?”

“Umm,” I said. I was a little surprised by her forward nature but I really liked that smile she had given me earlier. Who knows, this might even lead to something more.

“Sure,” I said.

“Thanks, and by the way, you’re not getting a shag.”

Sarah was true to her word and I didn’t get a shag. I did, however, learn that she had been travelling around South East Asia for 6 months and was leaving for a kibbutz in Israel the next day. She loaded up my address book with places to stay and emptied half of the stuff out of my backpack. We took it all to an orphanage.

We ate at a steamboat restaurant that night and got pleasantly drunk. With each passing hour I found myself more and more fascinated by this amazing woman. I was going to write “in love with her” but that’s not possible, is it? Later that night we slept chastely in a large double bed. Sarah was up at dawn to go to the airport.

“I have to see you again,” I said.

“Okay, meet me on the top of the Eiffel Tower in six months time. What about November 22?”

“I’ll see you there,” I said.

Sarah leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips and was gone.

So our tale finally

Singapore V Bangkok

Singapore has seen an unprecendented boom in property prices within the last 18 months and whilst there are those amongst you who will not see an obvious comparison between the Lion City and The City of Angels; there are nevertheless, some things that do deserve comparison. Bangkok’s concentration of sought after condiminium developments has until recently largely been centred around Sukhumvit and Ploenchit but despite concerns over transport the Chao Phraya river has now become an area of high interest. Likewise one of the most expensive condiminium projects undertaken in Singapore has been at the mouth of the river.

It is obvious to me why buyers should be looking to these locations. Not necessarily the people who want or need to be in the centre of everything and close to their workplace but the wider circle of buyers, those who wish to own a property in a Capital city as a stopover or those who do not need to be at the business centre of the city. The life of a river is ever moving, particularly in Bangkok where the river is still very much a working river and a hive of activity that never appears dull. Why therefore should a prospective condominium buyer not want to have as his window this great living canvas?

I can recall when London first opened up the great River Thames to residential development and the huge Victorian warehouses were first converted into apartments, and where the riverside did not suit warehouse conversion; modern tower blocks rose in their place. Many thought that the old dockside areas would never be seen as desirable places to live and again there were concerns about transport, however, now multi-million dollar penthouses are common place. This scenario has been repeated all over the world from Chicago to Cologne to CapeTown.

So why compare Bangkok to Singapore?
Because in the price of real estate there is no comparison. Current per square metre selling prices of similar type developments run at about four times the price in Singapore. Yet Singapore is still seen as an attractive proposition to the real estate investor Take a look at a copy of the Straits Times in particular the Sunday edition and see how many real estate agents there are. Now compare two similar ground breaking projects; One Shenton in Singapore and The River in Bangkok. One Shenton had a very successful launch and is being built to a very high specification employing all of the latest technology and positioned overlooking the Straits. The River is a fabulous twintower project designed by Hans Brouwer and being developed by Raimon Land located directly on the river, as the name suggests, next to The Peninsular and opposite The Shangri-La and Oriental Hotels. Both projects have stunning views yet prices of The River start at about 115,000 baht per square metre, a fraction of the prices now being asked for similar apartments at One Shenton. Little wonder The River’s launch has been one of the most successful in Bangkok’s history. It is also worthy of note that much of the interest in The River has come from overseas.Perhaps, at last, the investors are realising that in terms of capital growth Bangkok’s riverside offers much greater potential. There are of course those investors that still see Thailand as a potential risk. Once their doubts are put aside, just watch the prices, like the towers, go sky high!

Memoirs: Traveling

“PLEASE be aware that Singapore is a country of strict legislation. You are expected to know the laws before arriving. The penalty of trafficking drugs is punishable by death,” the pilot announced when we began our descent after an 18-hour direct flight from New York.

Whilst I was still reeling from the severity of his words, the passenger next to me added to my chagrin, “Littering is a fine of up to S$1,000 (US$650) and no smoking in public spaces! The police wear plain clothes to catch offenders unaware. Chewing gum used to be banned too, right up till Jan 2005!”

Thank God, I had quit smoking two years ago. And what was that about chewing gum, I wondered. I felt stupid not reading up on the laws before. It was not that I did not do sufficient research on the things to do, what to see and eat. I had it all planned. After wowing all my friends and colleagues telling them how I would storm Southeast Asia all on my own, it seemed foolish now that I had overlooked the basics that could get me into serious trouble. Hopefully, nothing would go wrong.

My holiday plans were to spend an initial three days exploring Singapore and finish with a four-day-three-night-cruise on the Superstar Virgo to Phuket (Thailand) and Langkawi (Malaysia).

The biggest draw point was the advantageous exchange rate of our strong US currency in all of South East Asia. Everything would become cheaper and cheaper as I traveled, from Singapore, to Malaysia, and finally, Thailand.

Singapore was often mistaken to be part of China, or Vietnam, but really, it is an independent nation no more the size of Austin, Texas (or 682 square km), and had a population of about 4 million. Commercial skyscrapers and residential homes expounding on vertical expansion were the norm. The average household lived in 30-storey flats housing approximately 180 apartments, or pigeon holes’, as the locals coined it.

Geographically situated at the tip of Malaysia just above the equator, and surrounded by Indonesia, the climate was warm, humid, with no natural disasters, not even the tsunamis, thanks to the protective circumvention of the two neighboring countries.

I stayed in a hostel in Singapore’s Chinatown, where the rates went from S$55 (USD 35) per night for a standard double room. The location was ideal being near the Outram Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train station, where the two (and only two!), cross-directional, train lines by-passed as they ran across the entire island.

Turned out

Budget Hotels Singapore are Nature Friendly


The name Singapore simply reminds you the place which offers amazing mixture of age old civilization, beliefs and the perfect amalgamation of modern and contemporary styles. The most important aspect lies in its balancing act between nature and progressive achievement. Here, one can experience wealthy and diverse style of architecture in terms of a lot of museums, houses, shopping complexes, and huge office buildings. These are finely depicting the sincerity of the country towards the implementation of the best with the flavor of the orient. Budget hotels Singapore makes the tour easier even for the first time visitors. Hence the huge tourist inflow can be experience here all around the year.


The most enjoyable experience in Singapore is to explore three ethnic groups at one destination; these are the Chinese, the Malays and the Indians. Truly the descendants of Asian migrants have made it a melting point of cultures. This is the place where age old traditions still hold sway. For instance, just visit the china town which retains a rock solid blend of Chinese-ness in form of shops of Chinese calligraphy, antiques and traditional costumes. Similarly, Kampong Glam is the main Malay region. Singapore’s Malays converges here because of their Sultan’s Mosque which is the largest mosque of Singapore. This mosque has a very fascinating history. Little India is another distinctly known destination for the visitors. Serangoon Road is main centre of little India which is located near Tekka centre. One can easily taste here the overwhelming aroma of myriad spices and jasmine garlands. Baffling assortment de-husked coconuts, limes, clay receptacles and the like, all the things are available here which can be used for worship at the temples nearby. These areas are also known as the prominent centre of budget hotels in Singapore.


The country Singapore has been prominently managed in disciplined way. Singapore streets plan are the best in the world. You can not get narrow or congested streets here. The whole country has very cool and temperate weather beside the fact that it is almost exactly on the equator. This mystery lies in the method of planting and sculpting of trees in the country. Perhaps, this magnificence is so grand that it can not be covered in the words.


Singapore budget hotels are normally those good quality hotels which are available with discounted packages or deals. These hotels are nature friendly and offer perfect relaxation and nutrition especially for your inner senses. If, you are a business travelers then you will simply love these hotels as these offer the best business facilities for the business travelers. Special discount may be offered to students and senior citizens.

Singapore hotels- well renowned for quality and comfort

Singapore, the smallest nation in Southeast Asia, is located at the southern tip of Malay Peninsula. The world’s busiest port of Singapore enjoys the population of Malay, China, India and many other nations. Advanced transportation system, skyscrapers and modern cultural and sports facilities stand second to none in the world. It has gradually turned out to be one of the most developed and wealthiest nations in Asia. The small island of Singapore has earned a good reputation for following several philosophies such as intolerance towards individualism. The country is well renowned for strict social restriction, cleanliness and business like demeanor. All these factors have promoted the growth of tourist and, in turn, Singapore hotels.

Singapore offers wide range of accommodations to its visitors from budget valuable hotels to luxury hotels in Singapore. Majority of luxury hotels in Singapore are located in proximity to several Singapore attractions such as orchard road, Singapore art museum and Singapore botanical garden. These hotels embody world charm and comfort for its visitors along with providing queue of rich amenities like cable television, mini bars and air conditioning.

Star hotels in Singapore, being the host of various delicacies, is considered paradise for food lovers. They offer excellent local delights to many international dishes. Guests in these hotels are pampered with various spa and beauty treatments including therapeutic massages. Well equipped gymnasium and beautiful pool are ebullient offers for hotel patrons. In addition to it, Singapore hotels offer meeting rooms along with audio-video equipments to business travelers.

There are many places in Singapore to offer enjoyment and excitement to its visitors. Its airport is the finest in the world, with great dining, shopping and other amenities. Shopping in Singapore is marvelous, which had made it a premier retailing destination in the world. Orchard road shopping district, raffles business and shopping area and Chinatown are some of the popular places, which are worth viewing.

Intellectually and historically inclined tourists are attracted by world class Singapore museums such as the art museum, Asian civilization museum, Philately museum and Singapore history museum. Orchard road is the best center of tourist activity, which is encompassed by exotic malls selling international brands, coffee bars, multiplexes and specialty restaurants with wine bars. Singapore hotels on this road are filled with luxury and comfort.

Many online booking websites have tie up with luxury hotels in Singapore and eased up the booking services at the click of the mouse for the clients across the world. These sites also avail the various discounts and facilities provided by the hotels.

Spanish Connection In Singapore Bar And Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

Tapas: uniquely Spanish dishes from the Spanish word tapar which means to cover in Spanish, thought to come about as a result of Innkeepers in bygone days, covering glasses of wine with small plates of cheese or sausage, to stop flies and mosquitoes flying in?

Others say that tapas began to be served at the entrance to Inns, to satisfy the hunger of travellers who would halt briefly on their journeys, but had no time to get down from their horses or carriages even for a bite to eat and a glass of wine: hence, a small snack (the tapar ,or cover) was passed to them on top of the wine for a quick bite and drink!

Whatever the reason for the tapar I promised myself that one day I would open a Restaurant (or two or three), specialising in this wonderful and uniquely Spanish way, of fun dining in sharing these wonderfully simply but incredibly tasty dishes, with family and friends.

Unlike a lot of British citizens, I did not discover Spain until later in life, when I was asked (some twenty years ago), to carry out some work for Shell Espaa as a Consultant in the Offshore Oil & Gas business.
At that time we were based in San Carlos de la Rapita, a beautiful area in the Ebro Delta, Catalunya, where absolutely no-one spoke any English (mainly Catalan) , but where I could get by learning the basics of Castilian Spanish (also useful everywhere else in Spain)!

My travels with Shell took me to the North of Spain (Santander, Gijon…) and to Madrid, where, after this short amount of experience in Spain, I realised what I might have been missing in life!
From that moment on, I immersed myself into the culture of the Spanish, the food, the fiestas, the excitement, the colour, the music, the dance, I embraced it all with a great deal of enthusiasm, and have done ever since.

As a keen amateur cook, I have always tried my hand at the local dishes wherever I had lived, but traditional Spanish dishes blew me away and I absolutely loved the idea of the Tapa, where small tasty dishes can be shared with family and friends; never feeling full always feeling as if you need another bite; such an incredible variety of seafood, meats, chorizos (spicy Spanish Sausage), shellfish, vegetables……..

Hence, many years later and with an apartment in my favourite City of Barcelona, having travelled throughout Spain and with a great deal more business experience; the first Tapas Tree business investments emerged at Clark Quay, Singapore, some four years ago.

Through personal contacts: identifying the correct site for our first restaurant, researching many restaurants overseas for the chefs who could cook my favourite dishes in their truly authentic fashion, designers who could help me simulate the Spanish feel in my restaurants, the selection of products from Spain, wines, etc…….

This gave birth to The Tapas Tree Group business franchise: now with three Singapore restaurants business investments of various size and location operating profitably and looking towards more Singapore franchise opportunities and franchise opportunities overseas; we are by far the most original in South East Asia, for our food, our ambience and our designs, from our hand-made mosaic tables, our eye for getting the Spanish look through the use of terracotta, wrought iron and red brick, to the personal photographs I have on display; not forgetting of course the images of one of Spains most prolific and in-demand Flamenco Dance Photographers, Ana Palma! Our Spanish customers call us, That little bit of Spain, in South East Asia, a title that I am immensely proud of!

Astreem Corporation is the franchise consultants for The Tapas Tree Group who are the franchise opportunities partner for businesses that are looking for franchise business opportunities in the Singapore bar and restaurant franchise market of interest. Astreem is constantly on the lookout for franchise opportunities for The Tapas Tree regionally and internationally.

Ang Mo Kio in Singapore

Ang Mo Kio is a heartland new town located in north central Singapore and has a town centre and six neighbourhoods. Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong is the Member of Parliament for this constituency. Some believe that Ang Mo Kio was named after a bridge built in Thomson Road by J.T Thomson who was the government surveyor in 1841 and 1854.Some local people have mistakenly assumed that the new version of the name refers to the bridges at the seventh milestone of Thomson Road which is found at the junction of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 and Thomson Road.

But the actual source of the name comes from the old survey maps which name the land as “Mukim of Ang Mo Kio” (Mukim means” district in Malay). The word “Ang Mo” is derived from two separate combined phrases in Hokkien. Ang Mo Dan means “rambutan”,a local fruit, red and covered in hair.This friut is found in plenty around the areas of old kampongs. The second suffix “kio” (“bridge”) was added to the prefix “Ang Mo” as an additional description for easy recognization by local residents.

There were many concrete bridges built by the old kampong dwellers.

There are 10 sub-zones in Ang Mo Kio; Ang Mo Kio Town Centre, Cheng San, Chong Boon, Townsville, Shangri-la, Kebun Bahru, Sembawang Hills, Yio Chu Kang, Sindo and Seletar. There are about 48,000 or more units in the estate.HDB units here are relatively larger in size with spacious parking space. The value of these units in this area is also more expensive. In the new town we can experience the old friendly kampong cultural spirit. The older generation of kampong people were once fruit and vegetable growers, small-scale merchants and hard working laborers. The majority of kampong people live with their children in the new enriched modern environment.Their familes live in multi-generational units residing in three- to five-room HDB apartments.

The lifestyle Ang Mo Kio is a urbanised and modernised one which includes modern amenities of piped running water, electricity, flush toilets, and daily garbage removal. Effective Water management systems is available here which drains the monsoon rains into the water reservoirs.

Thus, Ang Mo Kio remains one of the older areas of Singapore.But it is less demographically cosmopolitan than some of the newer estates. Ang Mo Kio’s Avenue 10 includes the Ang Mo Kio Neighbourhood Park, Chong Boon Secondary School, Pathlight School, Chong Boon Market and Food Court, Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 1 and Teck Ghee Community Centre. The numbering system of the Ang Mo Kio Avenues is unique.Even number avenues are oriented in the north-south orientation and the odd number avenues are located in the east-west orientation.

A hub called AMK Hub has been built to redevelop the town centre of Ang Mo Kio. The Ang Mo Kio MRT Station is located on the North South Line in Singapore.It lies at the junction of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 and 8 which is adjacent to Ang Mo Kio Town Centre. Similar to rest of Singapore One of the modern transportation available in Ang Mo Kio,is called the Mass Rapid Transit System commonly known as the MRT. Two stations operate within the Ang Mo Kio’s residents. They are Ang Mo Kio MRT Station situated at the center and Yio Chu Kang MRT Station situated at the town’s northern area.They provide a convenient transportation to the City center and the rest of Singapore.

Apart from this there is also the Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange available.They connect directly to the Ang Mo Kio MRT Station Via an underground pedestrian walkway. The NTUC and bus are moved from the corner of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 and Ang Mo Kio Central 3 to the AMK Hub.

Ang Mo Kio New Town is a public housing estate associated with Ang mio Kio and is the seventh New Town to be built in Singapore.It is within the Ang Mo Kio Planning Area.It’s boundary line covers Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 2, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, Yio Chu Kang Road, Ang Mo Kio Street 66, Nanyang Polytechnic, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, and the Central Expressway to the junction with Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 and Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10.

For HDB Rental units in Ang Mo Kio,Singapore visit