Enjoying Your Visit to Singapore

Enjoying your visit to Singapore starts the minute you step off the flight on Singapore Airlines (of course) and start to move through the world class facilities at the Singapore airport. Touted as an airport like no other, the refreshing fountain at the end of any tired and long journey, the friendly staff, high beautiful architecture and the piped music set the record straight, Singapore tourism means business and it is here to make your trip as smooth, as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.

While Changi airport is the firm handshake and the smile, the check in to the hotel is the massage and the warm pat on the back, assuring you that you will be taken care of on the length of your journey. Singapore boasts some of the best local and international chains of hotels, from the Hilton, the Ritz, the Sheraton and even local budget hotels that give you value for money and comfort for your strapped dollar. Located all over Singapore, you wont have any trouble finding a place to stay no matter how much you are willing to spend.

No one can truly enjoy their trip in Singapore without sampling its culture simmering in a pot of hearty curry and served with Singapore’s answer to the croissant. Local dishes and culinary cuisines pack in the exotism of the East and the rich flavours and spices to make great dishes. From rice dishes to noodle dishes – to even dishes which have no specific orientation, the flavours will overcome you and you will be coming back for more.

Ah, and for the ladies or anyone living constantly with the shopping bug on their neck, they must try Singapore shopping at its city centre and some more locations which are literally designed to thrill and words like bargain and discount are plastered more prominently than brand name billboards. There is no specific season for sale because it happens all the time and only in this tiny country can you find wall to wall shopping, where all roads lead to retail revery. Ladies, prepare yourselves and men, prepare your credit cards because shopping in Singapore is addictive and almost an adventure in itself. Don’t be limited to the huge complexes and pay smaller areas like Bugis and Serangoon road a visit for better deals and out of the world items you can show your friends when you return.

With world class facilities, more than 100 operating bars and clubs, a vibrant arts and cultural scene, your iterenary will be filled to the very last page with things to do. Even within the crazy pace of the city, you will find tranquility and peace, sipping on a hot coffee while looking at the world go by from the balcony of your hotel. If you are a beach bunny, then you will be able to drive down to any of our coasts and a dedicated island called Sentosa. And when it’s the end of your trip and everythings been said and done, there is one thing you can look forward to – is going back to our beautiful airport and fly back on Singapore airlines, the greatest way to fly.

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