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Singapore Hotels – the Most Amazing in the World

Singapore is a small city with a huge population. It is an important commercial hub of the world. Thousands of people visit throughout the year for many purposes. Touring Singapore for a business purpose or for a holiday trip is always exciting. Visiting Singapore, makes it very interesting to travelers from far and wide, for the fact that, world’s most amazing hotels are found here.

Singapore is Southeast Asia’s economic center. It was a British colony formerly and today, it has grown into a business centre with world’s busiest port. It enjoys a large population of Chinese, Indians and Malay. Singapore is famous for its sports, advanced transportation, skyscrapers and the most amazing hotels of the world.

Singapore hotels are amazing for its architectural splendor, its magnificent structure, the wide range of facilities that they offer to the best food available over here. If you want to stay in a hotel that perfectly justifies your money spent book a room in a Singapore hotel. The casinos, clubs, swimming pool, the good air conditioned rooms, with all modern facilities, makes these hotels amazing places to stay.

There are many star hotels in Singapore. In the Southern coast of Singapore lies Sentosa Island. It is a destination in itself with a huge golf course and butterfly park. The beauty of this place always attracts travelers and they tend to stay in one of the Singapore hotels even for a short period or one day.

People prefer to board these hotels according to the locations of their choice. There are some locations where the market complexes are nearby. And there are some near to the sea beach. Some preferred locations are Orchard road, East Singapore or Airport location, China town and many others. Singapore cheap hotels have mushroomed up near to these locations, targeting the travelers from world wide.

Hilton, Meritus, Le Meridien, Marriott and some luxurious hotels, like Royal Plaza and Orchard Hotel, in Orchard road, have been preferred by many visitors. Airport in Singapore is itself a visiting place. Hotel 81 chain Properties cater to the needs of tourists who prefer this location. China town is very colourful and fantacises with its modernity blended with culture. Furama City Centre, The Keong Saik Hotel and The Scarlet Hotel are popular here.

To book a room in one of these luxurious hotels is very easy. All you need to do is browse through some travel sites and locate some important and luxurious Singapore hotels and book a room online. The elegance and grace in the hotels of Singapore makes Singapore the most desired tourist spot.


Some of the stress teenagers in Singapore face

When I wake up every morning, I dread having to get out of my bed. People all around me tell me that I am fortunate to have shelter over my head, food on the table and a comfortable and safe environment. But still I can’t help the whimper of exhaustion from slipping in, and the fountain of frustration from welling up inside of me. Teenagers in Singapore have it good, I admit so, but that doesn’t mean that their lives are close to ideal, or that they aren’t faced with a plethora of concerns and worries that weigh down their daily lives.

Singapore is a pleasant city to live in, clean to the point of obsessive, full of greenery and generally safe. Yet at the same time, it is also one of the most competitive and driven places in the world. There exist a perpetual rush, from the home to the workplace, to achieve the highly desired “5 Cs: Car, Condominium, Credit card, Club and Career”, to reach the top of the corporate ladder, or simply to be the very best. The chronic problem with Singapore is that its always rushing to get somewhere, time that is wasted is time that you’ll be regretting later. You should always go the extra mile or twenty because if you don’t, you would lose out to your neighbors. This “Kiasu” mentality, or loosely translated, the fear of losing, has permeated every level of Singaporean life, including the lives of teenagers.

Sure enough, most teenagers in Singapore face the generic teenager stresses, such as relationship stresses, the pressure imposed by the change of expectations due to the transition towards adulthood, but for the majority of the population, the predominant stress is the fear of becoming a social failure, of not achieving enough As to get into the school of their choice, of being looked down by their peers in the future because of mistakes they make now. It is scary to contemplate, but many youths have an unhealthy fear of failure.

While I applaud the ministry of education’s attempt at providing appropriate education for different academic capabilities of students, its sad to note that its laudable efforts has seemed to backfire in the face of Singaporean Kiasuism. As quipped in the popular social commentary “I Not Stupid”, people are obsessed with academic grading and getting into “Institutes of Technical Education” or ITEs for short has been seen as social suicide, or “It’s the End” for teenagers.

In a society that is often quick to judge, and not particularly discerning about their judgments, teenagers in Singapore

Ideas for great vacations

Mentawai Islands: Culture, Nature Life and Water Sports

Talking about beaches, waves, coconut drinks, surfs, snorkeling, et cetera will imagine to Hawaii or Tahiti. Rarely people realize there is a great place in South East Asia for those above named Mentawai Islands. It belongs to West Sumatra region, Indonesia and one of the oldest ancient cultures that still exist until today. Mentawai Islands have 4 main islands, Sipora, Siberut, North Pagai and South Pagai. There are several small islands.

Mentawai Islands can be reached by plane or cruise. There is direct flight from Singapore or Padang (the capital of West Sumatra). By visiting Mentawai islands, we are not only taking pleasure in beautiful sceneries but also indigenous cultures, nature life and awesome tribal community.

1.Mentawai and Indigenous cultures

Native people are still living in their own way. They led by sikerei (Shaman), the highest position in community or a leader. They believe in manifestation of soul creation even now some of them convert to Christian and Islam but in fact, they still use their ancient belief. Native people live in harmony, and their social level showed by kinds of tattoos or in local language called titi in their body. The tattoo has deep meaning. Native Mentawai also sharpen their teeth and smoke from cigarretes that making by themselves.

They are warm and kind people who do not like to have conflicts and break lovely environment. A clan lives in a long house called uma and still using their own dress called kabit, made from root and skin of tree. Mentawai’s women also do not use anything to cover their breast or topless. The native eats sagu as main dishes and cultivate by themselves. They catch fishes and go to forest for hunting, also plant fruits.

2.Nature Life in Mentawai

Native people concern about environment, they never cut the trees just for land clearing except to build uma or make a ship. If they need wood for cooking, they will collect old twigs or cut death trees. Mentawai is a National Park and conservation area. In Mentawai can be found various flora and fauna which some of them are scarce. The beautiful white sand beaches are very convenience places for relax and refreshing. Snorkeling or diving is the best choice for learning about the amazing sea.

There are 4 small endemic primates that only can be seen in Mentawai, named as bilou, bokkoi, simakobu and joja. In the sea, can be seen dolphins, sea mammals called dugong, sea turtels, various fishes and flora. Birds are unique and even Siberut Island named as “Galapagos Asia”.

3.Mentawai and Surfing

Another best from Mentawai is surfing spots. Mentawai has known by surfers from Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Japan and French as one of the best spots in the world. There are many spots that are challenging. With 4-7 ft of waves, the spots are attracting surfers to try and subject to them. 4 Bobs, E-bay, A-Frames, Pit Stop, Bank Vaults, et cetera are name of some famous spots for surfing. Currently, many foreigners come to work together with local people and government. They build cottages, resorts, spas, et cetera to attract more tourists to come.

Mentawai Islands’ vacation package is combining three types of tourism elements. They are indigenous cultures, nature life and water sports. Under tropical sunrise vacation package will be an incredible memory. Enjoy your trip to Mentawai Islands!

Enjoy the Comfort and Luxury of Singapore Hotels at Marina Bay

Marina bay is an attractive artificial bay, located in the southern tip of Singapore. It is surrounded by a water front with green parks. Several entertainment centers, with the biggest attraction, Marina mall are in the Marina bay. Many Singapore hotels near by the Marina attract lots of visitors.

You can enjoy every moment of your stay in Singapore by enjoying the natural beauty of the Marina bay. The water body with lush green parks all around, adds to its beauty.

Marina bay has many shopping malls and marketing complexes. Naturally, if you opt to stay in a hotel near this bay, you will get utmost pleasure from shopping to enjoying the beauty.

The giant Ferry’s wheel is located in Marina bay. It attracts travelers to have a look of whole Singapore from a great height. It is 165 meters high. The wheel consists of 28 carriages. Each carriage is made in such a way that, it can hold 28 passengers in it. The wheel rotates for 30 minutes approximately.

Many shopping centers have cropped up near marina beach. Travelers find it very enjoyable to shop near marina beach. Marina bay is the hub of business and commerce in Asia.

The hotels near the beach cater to both elite class and middle class. There are Singapore luxury hotels and also Singapore cheap hotels in this place. The luxurious hotels are artistically built and are known for its comfort. In these hotels, you can find, good air conditioned rooms with color television, spas and massage, swimming pool and above all good food. The visitors are treated with great hospitality.

If you are one of those who want to spend your money for shopping and other things rather than in a luxury hotel, you can opt for Singapore cheap hotels. The services offered by these hotels are no way lesser than the luxury hotels. Many delicacies are served in these hotels. You can also taste some excellent sea food and local dishes in these hotels.

You can book a room in any hotel near to Marina bay and enjoy its glory to the maximum.

The cozy atmosphere in the Singapore hotels, the shopping options, food delicacies and the greenery around Marina bay makes it a wonderful place to visit. Visitors to Singapore take the pleasure of this place. You can find out which hotel suits your budget by browsing through different online travel sites. You can even book a hotel through these sites.

If you are planning to visit Singapore, remember that you can enjoy the architectural beauty of Singapore hotels with best hospitality services in the marina bay hotels. Moreover, Marina bay is itself a unique place of visual pleasure that can gratify your desire towards natural beauty.


Gluten Free Travel and Flying

Gluten Free Airline Food

It comes as no surprise to anyone that the quality of food served on an airplane doesn’t exactly rival a 5 star restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. However the average gluten free traveler understands that being able to eat an unidentifiable lump of meat is still better than sitting there starving on a long haul flight while those around you chow down. To guarantee you get a gluten free unidentifiable lump on your next flight be sure to follow the these suggestions:

Airline Meal Suggestions

Here are some tips to insure you have a gluten free meal in flight:

1. If the carrier you are flying offers gluten-free meals, it is necessary to make a gluten free request in advance of travel.

2. Typical advance notice required by airlines for a special meal is 24 to 96 hours to ensure that your special meal is ready at the time of your departure

3. Be sure to confirm your meal request directly with the airline or with your travel agent prior to your departure, especially If you booked through a third party site—Expedia, Orbitz, etc.

4. When you are assigned an airline seat your Gluten Free Meal is also assigned that seat number. If you change seats during the flight be sure to let the cabin crew know—otherwise someone else just might be eating your rice cake!

5. Singapore Airlines is reputed to have the best Gluten Free Meals.

6. The standard airline reservation code for a Gluten Free Meal is GFML.

7. Industry standard states that GFML indicates there is no wheat, rye barley or their derivatives in the meal.

Airlines With Gluten Free Meals:

Airline Name Country Notification Policy

Aer Lingus Ireland 24 hours

Aeroflot Russia 72 hours

Aerolineas Argentina When booking

AeroMexico Mexico 48 hours

Air Canada Canada 24 hours

Air France France 24 hours and 48 hours for Kosher

Air India India When booking

Air Malta Malta 72 hours

Air New Zealand New Zealand 48 hours

Air Pacific Fiji When booking

Air Tahiti Nui Tahiti When booking

Air Transat Canada 72 hours

Alitalia Italy When booking

American Airlines USA 8-24 hours

America West USA Offered in 1st class only – 48 hours

Asiana Airlines South Korea When booking

Austrian Airlines Austria 24 hours

Britannia Airways UK 3 days

British Airways UK 24 hours and 48 hours for Kosher

British Midland UK 24 hours and 48 hours for Kosher

Cathay Pacific Hong Kong 24 hours

China Airlines China 24 hours

Continental Airlines USA 24 hours

CSA Czech Airlines Czech Republic When booking

Delta Airlines USA 12 hours

El Al Israel 24 hours

Emirates UAE 24 hours

Estonian Air Estonia When booking

Eurowings Germany When booking

Eva Airways Taiwan When booking

Far Eastern AT Taiwan When booking

Finnair Finland 24 hours

Gulf Air Bahrain 24 hours

Iberia Spain When booking

IcelandAir Iceland 24 hours

Japan Airlines Japan 24 – 72 hours

Kenya Airways Kenya 24 hours and 48 hours for Kosher

KLM/Northwest Netherlands / USA 36 hours

Korean Air Korea When booking

LAN Airlines Chile When booking

Lithuanian Airlines Lithuania 24 hours

Lufthansa Germany When booking

Luxair Luxembourg When booking

Malev Hungary When booking

Olympic Airlines Greece When booking

Qantas Australia 48 hours

SAS Sweden 24 hours

SATA Portugal When booking

Saudi Arabian Air Saudi Arabia When booking

Singapore Airlines Singapore 24 hours

South African Air South Africa 72 hours

Swiss Int’l Airlines Switzerland 72 hours

TAM Airlines Brazil When booking

TAP Air Portugal Portugal 48 hours

Thai Airlines Thailand 48 hours

Turkish Airlines Turkey When booking

United Airlines USA 24 hours

US Air USA 24 hours

Varig Brazil 24 hours

Vietnam Airlines Vietnam 24 hours

Virgin Atlantic UK 72 hours

For more information about Gluten Free travel, or to join us on one of our up coming Gluten Free Italy tours check us out at

Singapore Properties Require a Professional Agent

Singapore is a great place for business, due to the fact that a majority of banks and commercial organizations are located here. Furthermore, Singapore is one of the richest countries of the world due to its many resources and unique beauty. When it comes to condominiums, penthouses or normal apartments, Singapore is the place where you can find them all.

Singapore’s impressive growth has caught the attention of the real investors these last years and more and more people from all over the world have started to buy Singapore properties. Every place in Singapore is used to the maximum and when it comes to architecture, Singapore can count on the best designers in the world who come here in order to design unique buildings.

Most people in Singapore speak English nowadays and it won’t be a problem for you to get along with them, if you are interested in a Singapore property. Furthermore, the crime rate in Singapore is quite law and since its independence there have been no terrorist attacks. Thus, Singapore is a great place whether you want to buy and rent a house here or whether you want to live here. Your children will definitely enjoy residing in a Singapore property, being surrounded by exotic landscapes and an impressive architecture. The educational system in Singapore is well developed and one of the main reasons for which people consider buying Singapore properties are the world class facilities in Singapore.

Singapore properties represent a secure investment due to the fact that Singapore is a rich and well-developed country. Hoping you no longer have any hesitations when it comes to investing in a Singapore property, it would be useful to help you find a reliable Singapore agent. Having an agent that is capable of doing his job in an adequate and satisfying manner will help you have a pleasurable transaction when buying Singapore properties.

Choose an agent from a reputable company because professional companies provide better training for their staff and better customer support. Therefore, well-trained agents can offer you quality assistance. In real estate transactions, it is vital to have a reliable agent who has a wide knowledge when it comes to real estate laws and finances. Because selling or buying a Singapore property is a major decision, it is critical to make sure that you have an agent who has the necessary knowledge in order to handle your transaction.

Another aspect you should not ignore is to select an agent who has enough time for you. It is a proven fact that an agent can only handle only a certain number of houses and in order to do that he requires some effort and time. An agent who takes care of too many houses may not recall all the important details or he may not have enough time to foresee and to deal with the potential problems. Choose an agent who can offer you his personal attention and quality services.

Furthermore, an agent who offers cheap services is not necessarily a good agent. What is the point of hiring an agent that charges the cheapest but who can’t offer you what you are looking for? An agent who is not well prepared may get you a house at a higher price than it deserved, because he didn’t do enough research and he accepted the first offer. Experienced and responsible agents will definitely make a difference when it comes to investing in Singapore properties.

Nyonya Restaurant With a 33-year Old Heritage

Nyonya food (or Nonya as it is sometimes known) is probably one of the earliest fusion cuisine uniquely found in Malaysia and Singapore. What’s more interesting is that Nyonya cuisine has had an interesting history. Intermarriage between early Chinese settlers in Malaysia during the Ming Dynasty and the local Malays, gave rise to the Baba Nyonya generation.

While maintaining Chinese customs, the Baba Nyonya adopted Malay culture. This was when Nyonya cuisine was birthed – a unique blend of Chinese dishes with a Malay cooking style. Both Malay spices and Chinese ingredients are deftly combined in the creation of a Nyonya dish. This clever fusion of tastes is a result of the superior cooking talents of the Nyonya cooks.

Today, Nyonya Restaurant serves diners with authentic Nyonya cuisine from the heart of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Cooked with diligence that is reminiscent of the traditional Baba and Nyonya, this restaurant’s signature dishes have been popular for 3 generations. First opening its doors in 1974, Nyonya Restaurant’s popularity has stood the test of time for over 30 years.

Over the years, much of Nyonya Restaurant’s line-up has retained its authenticity. Nevertheless, the restaurant has also introduced a host of new Nyonya dishes to its offerings, to keep up with the times and also to increase variety. With this, many customers have been patrons throughout the lifetime of this restaurant, testimony of consistent quality and taste.

Popular favourites include Sayur Paku, a local fern cooked either in coconut milk or belachan, Sambal Udang, delicious prawns in a spicy sauce, and also Ince Kabin, Nyonya-style fried chicken. Other favourites are the Ikan Gulai Tumis, fish in a spicy broth, Beef Rendang and Otak-otak, steamed fish marinated in spices and wrapped in banana leaf.

Desserts are also a delight here. Popular selections include Sago Gula Melaka, Ice Kacang and Bubur Cha Cha, all of which are different combinations of sugar, ice and flour-based ingredients. A myriad of kuih, (a sweet cake-like dessert), with local names such as Onde-onde, Ang ku and Kuih Koci are also part of the menu. Completing a meal with these indulgences is a must for the ultimate dining experience at Nyonya Restaurant!

Prominent tour & travel companies are enlisting entire Singapore hotel list in its business chart

Singapore is a lusty vibrant island. It is known as one of the most controlled democracy. One should not dare to play with authority or try to engage in drug trafficking which may turned into the death penalty. It is the perfect business city. It has been widely recognized for excellent business and social infrastructure centre. It is politically stable and has favorable economic ties with world economies.

Such global reputation has encouraged several tour & travel company to enlist entire Five Star Hotels in Singapore in its business chart. Hotels list Singapore is based upon several factors like locality, hotel rating and so on. This island-state is located in the Southeast Asia region and nicely connected with Malaysia by bridges. It is very much influenced with Indian, Chinese and Malay culture as well as influenced with tropical climate. There are endless things to do while you are on the trip to Singapore.

Shopping is a heavenly experience in Singapore. The well designed and colossally built shopping malls in the centre of Singapore are prominently inducing the shopaholics. Usually, stores are open seven days in a week from 10AM to 10 PM. Shops in Orchard Road and Scotts Road remains open till midnight. One can get verities of food in Singapore special quality verity can be found in Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, French, Italian, American and other foods. Hawker centers can be marked as the cheapest and most liked places to eat. Hence, if one has dream to explore the dynamic Singapore then it is right time to embody the dream. The list of hotels in Singapore is available in verities of ranges from cheap budget hotels to luxury star hotels.

Strategically located Singapore is a sample of perfect amalgamation of wealth and diverse style of architecture. The brilliance of Singapore lays in the sincerity towards implementation the best of west with the flavor of the orient. It is a perfect recreational area which offers myriad of attractions for all age groups. Such attractions may be named as Butterfly Park, insect kingdom and dolphin lagoon. There are several important spots in Singapore like Sentosa Island, Jurong Bird Park, Chinatown, the Asian Civilization Museum and the various temples and churches which are prime attractions of the city.

Thus, one must visit once to explore the amazing mixture of age old civilization and beliefs and modern, contemporary styles where nature and progressive achievements are setting an example of fine compatibility.

Transportation in Bangkok

Bangkok is a large city that possesses only the beginnings of a mass rapid transport system such as can be found in Singapore or Hong Kong. Traffic in Bangkok is also notoriously bad, and it is often impossible to ascertain just how much time is needed to go from point A to point B if you are travelling by road. There are ways to get around the city however, and the best method of transport can very much depend on the time of day, or other circumstances such as start and end points of travel. Although not expensive in any case, cost can also be a factor in selecting the best method of transport.

The colourful taxis that dominate the traffic in Bangkok are cheap and plentiful, and these days they are all fitted with meters. Nevertheless, some unscrupulous drivers will refuse to turn on the meter and quote you a flat, inflated price. This particularly happens in certain tourist areas. In this situation, it is best to get out of the taxi and flag another one down. In order to try and avoid this situation completely, it is usually better to walk just a short distance away from the tourist spot and flag down a moving taxi. It is normally the case that it is the stationary taxis who most frequently behave in this manner, although it has to be said that the vast majority of taxis will turn on their meters straight away without you having to ask. For short trips, outside of rush hour, a taxi is probably easiest and quickest, and is particularly economical if you are a group of 3 or 4. It also has the advantage of taking you from door to door. In rush hour, you will probably find that the taxis will, in any case, refuse to take you to certain areas because they don’t want to be sat in a traffic jam either. Taxis are also good for longer journeys at weekends when traffic is usually much lighter.

The ubiquitous and photogenic tuk tuk is probably something every tourist wants to try once, but as a regular way to get around the city they are to be avoided. They are often involved in scams with the intention of taking you to specific shops where they get free petrol and you get ripped off. The usual approach, is to quote you a very low price per hour, and then to take you on a tour of places where they get their commissions and kickbacks. Don’t be fooled! Even if there is no scam, they will almost always quote you a price more expensive than a normal taxi. Add to this, the fact that they are dirty, noisy and just a little dangerous, then there is little reason

Special foods in Vietnam

Special Vegetables and Sauces in Pho Soup

Vietnamese Noodle Soup, or famously known as Pho, is different in Viet Nam and in other Asian countries. The soup that I used to eat in Pho Hoa, Pho 2000 or Pho 24 in Jakarta or even in Singapore (also in Pho Hoa restaurant, and The Orange Lantern VN Restaurant), is only using bean sprouts and spring onion as the topping. But in Ho Chi Minh City, the toppings are various and you probably cannot recall what kind of vegetable they serve. When I first had my pho the other day, I was totally confused. The waiters served a plate of raw vegetables to be put into the soup, and there wasn’t only bean sprout and spring onion but also fresh basil leaves, slices of red onion, mint leaves, two other types of “leaves” that I had no idea what to call and even freshly cut jalapeno chilies!.

One thing I like most about pho served in Viet Nam is the sauce. In Pho 24 or any other VN restaurants, the sauce always come in two types: Black Bean Sauce and Chili Sauce, so we can mix the sauce into the soup to make our own favorite taste of the soup.

If you happen to come to Viet Nam and haven’t got a chance to taste pho, then you haven’t come to Viet Nam yet!