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One on one Ccie Routing And Switching 12 day Full scale Labs Focused Training C rs 12d

This package is designed for CCIE Routing and Switching Bootcamp exam candidates who are pretty close to pass the lab exam but lack of real testing experience. This training helps you become familiar with each lab question and its solution. This training is also good for the CCIE R&S lab exam candidates who have failed the lab exam for more than one time. Over 95% of them will pass the lab exam after they finish this course.

You will study with your instructor one-on-one during the CCIE Lab training. Our highly skilled instructors will step-by-step show you the best way to configure each full-scale lab and strengthen your weakness areas in the mean time.
Before you finish this course, you will be provided a full set of our full-scale lab materials which highly reflect the most current lab exam. The materials contain CCIE R&S Bootcamp questions, requirements and solutions, which can be comfortably studied and practiced during the gap between your course finishing date and the lab exam date.

Location: Guangzhou, China
Price: $8,000.00 USD
What is included:
12 days’ one-on-one classroom study
Day 1 ~ Day 6:
Complete all the full-scale labs step-by-step together with your instructor. You will be given the best solution and detailed explanation on each lab question. Also, your instructor will show you how to avoid the easily made mistakes based on the testing experience of hundreds of our previous students.
Day 7 ~ Day 12:
You are required to go over and complete all the labs once again by yourself. Your instructor will sit next to you and provide assistance only when necessary. At the end of each date, he/she will grade and correct your configurations and summarize your daily works and give you helpful suggestions on your future exam preparations.

1 month after class support (could be upgraded to 3 months)
On the last date of your course, you will be provided with the study materials which contain the most updated full-scale labs which have not been practiced during the course. These materials reflect the latest update of the real lab exam and come with complete solutions.
Along with this, we will update your study materials free of charge and provide email support (48 hours response guarantee) for 1 month. Not enough? You can buy our Material update and technical support extension service (E-MUTS) at an affordable price. For detailed information, please check with your training advisor.

FREE 100 hours remote rack access
After the course, you will be provided FREE 100 hours remote access time so that you can practice the labs by connecting to our rack. Simply drop an email to to reserve your rack and we will make necessary arrangement.

This boot camp is held in Guangzhou, which is the biggest and the most developed city in South China. Learn more about Guangzhou

Traval & Transportation
It is very convenient to travel to Guangzhou.
You can either fly into Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN) or Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). There are direct flights from the following major cities to Guangzhou every week: Europe: Frankfurt, Helsinki, Paris North America: Los Angles, San Francisco, New York, Toronto Australia: Sydney, Melbourne Asia: Tokyo, Seoul, Dubai, Singapore
Also, there are over a hundred international flights to Hong Kong. You can fly to Hong Kong first and then transfer to Guangzhou by train (duration: 2 hours and the expense is covered by CathaySchool).

Our friendly staff will meet you at the airport or train station when you arrive and then transfer you to the hotel. This is free of charge.

Students will be accommodated at the 4-star luxury hotel (President Hotel or same grade hotel), which is across the road from our training center. Each hotel room has king-size bed, air condition, internet access (free of charge), tub, flat screen television, 24-hour room service and more. You also have the option to upgrade to a 5-star hotel (Royal Mediterranean Hotel, The Westin Guangzhou or Shangri-La Hotel GuangZhou). All these hotels are within 10 minutes driving distance from the school.

All meals are included.
Breakfast is provided in the hotel restaurant. For lunch and dinner, you will receive cash to be used at the wide variety of sit-down restaurants, cafes and buffets. MacDonald, KFC, PizzaHut and StarBuck are all within walking distance.
Drinks and snacks through out the date are also included.

After class activites
You will never feel boring in Guangzhou. After class, we can arrange the following activities at a reasonable cost:
Culture tour, Shopping tour, Zoo, Fun park, Hot springs, Disco bar, Show bar, B.Y.O party, Chinese traditional massage, etc.
You can choose all these options when you are signing up with us.

Advanced Upgrade Package

Training PLUS:
6 hours (per day) one-on- one guaranteed
Two month after training support (Materials update + Email support by instructor)
Accommodation & Meals PLUS:
Hotel accommodation (5 stars premium room)
Lunch and Dinner standard – 150 RMB / per day
Free unlimited laundry service
Unlimited access to the gym in the hotel
Add-on Service (complimentary) PLUS:
Chinese traditional massage/spa at one of the biggest spa in Asia (1 time)
A big entertainment show, including Chinese dancing, magic show and acrobatics (3 hours)
Car hire with driver (4 hours)
Price: $2,700.00 USD

Deluxe Upgrade Package

Training PLUS:
8 hours (per day) one-on- one guaranteed
Three month after training support (Materials update + Email support by instructor)
Accommodation & Meals PLUS:
Hotel accommodation (5 stars executive room)
Lunch and Dinner standard – 200 RMB / per day
Free unlimited laundry service
Unlimited access to the gym in the hotel
Add-on Service (complimentary) PLUS:
Airport pick up and drop off by Mercedes-Benz
Chinese traditional massage/spa at one of the biggest spa in Asia (2 times)
A big entertainment show, including Chinese dancing, magic show and acrobatics (3 hours)
Car hire with driver (8 hours)
Price: $5,200.00 USD

I. Bridging and Switching
A. Frame relay
B. Catalyst configuration: VLANs, VTP, STP, MSTP, RSTP, Trunk, Etherchannel, management, features, advanced configuration, Layer 3
C. Tunneling
II. IP IGP Routing
C. RIPv2
D. IPv6: Addressing, RIPng, OSPFv3
G. Filtering, redistribution, summarization and other advanced features
C. Filtering, redistribution, summarization, synchronization, attributes and other advanced features
IV. IP and IOS Features
A. IP addressing
D. IP services
E. IOS user interfaces
F. System management
K. Accounting
V. IP Multicast
A. PIM-SM, bi-directional PIM
C. Multicast tools, source specific multicast
E. Anycast
A. Quality of service solutions
B. Classification
C. Congestion management, congestion avoidance
D. Policing and shaping
E. Signaling
F. Link efficiency mechanisms
G. Modular QoS command line
VII. Security
B. Security server protocols
C. Traffic filtering and firewalls
D. Access lists
E. Routing protocols security, catalyst security
G. Other security features
R&S Equipment List: and IOS Version:
The lab exam tests any feature that can be configured on the equipment and the IOS versions indicated below. You may see more recent IOS versions installed in the lab, but you will not be tested on the new features of a release unless indicated below.
3725 series routers – IOS 12.4 mainline – Advanced Enterprise Services
3825 series routers – IOS 12.4 mainline – Advanced Enterprise Services
Catalyst 3550 series switches running IOS version 12.2 – IP Services
Catalyst 3560 Series switches running IOS version 12.2 – Advanced IP Services

Our one-on-one CCIE boot camp produces the No.1 one time passing rate in the industry. In the last 3 years, 90% of our international students pass the lab exam at the first attempt. At CathaySchool, We help you secure your investment by providing each student the unbeatable and practical triple insurance:

First guarantee – What happen if I am not satisfied with your training?
Each student has 2 days to evaluate our course. If you find our boot camp is not the one which will definitely help you pass your lab exam at first attempt, simply notify your instructor before the 3rd day to withdraw from the course and get your money back.
* For more information, please refer to our course cancellation policy.
Second guarantee – What happen if I failed the lab exam at the 1st attempt?
You will be provided an extended 2 months material update (including the lab questions, requirements and solutions), 2 months technical email support (guarantee 48 hours response) and 150 hours rack access time.
Third guarantee – What happened if I fail the lab exam again?
Come back and re-attend our one-on-one course again. This is free of charge, including 4-star hotel accommodation and meals (this definitely beats all our competitors again!!!). At CathaySchool, we believe that there is no reason to have students pay for anything when they need to re-take the course.

We want you to pass… so we are committed more than others
Comparing training vendors? Nobody is committed to your success like CathaySchool. Ask the other companies…
Do they have a similar pass guarantee program?
How long are you covered by it?
When you retake their class, do you get full access to a dedicated rack of equipment again?
Are the materials updates offered at no charge?
Do you have to pay for your meals, hotel and rack access when you re-take the course?
Do they provide one-on-one training?

1. We accept bank wire transfer, Western Union and major credit cards (1) .
2. To make a reservation, you are required to send a $1,000 USD deposit (2) (3).
3. The balance needs to be paid in full one week before your course starting date (4).

(1) Credit card payment will incur a surcharge of 8%.
(2) Deposit amount may be subject to change without notice.
(3) Your deposit is refundable. Cancel the course 60 days prior to the starting date will receive 100% of your deposit; A $500 administration fee will apply if you cancel the course within 30 – 59 days before the course starting date; Deposit is non-refundable if you cancel the course within 30 days before the course starting date.
(4) Balance is preferred to be paid by bank wire transfer. For credit card payment, you will need to afford 8% processing fee and provide scanned copies of both sides of your credit card when you arrive China.

Early bird – Save 5% by registering and funding full payment 30 days ahead.
Multi-student – Save 10% for 2 participants; 15% for 3 participants.
Group training – For four or more participants, please contact us for a substantial discount..
* Only one discount is allowed at a time.

Singapore Travel- an Amazing Experience


Planning on a holiday in Asia, Singapore travel is the number one choice for millions of visitors who visit it very year, sometimes even exceeding the people of the city. The organized Singapore tourism industry provides the visitors with an excellent, modern infrastructure, a safe, clean and friendly environment. Singapore is a city with many faces to explore and discover. Right from exciting shopping options, food, vibrating nightlife, amusement parks, to sightseeing, one will find all here. All this has given the country another name of entertainment. It enjoys a unique location and is made up of islands between the countries of Malaysia and Indonesia. Packed with numerous attractions it is difficult to unravel all but some of the attractions are worth visiting.

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is a star attraction during Singapore travel with almost a million tourists visiting it every year. It is an amazing experience watching the animals in their natural environment. It is located in central Singapore, close to the night safari. It covers an area of 28 hectares and inhabits more than 150 different species of animals. Some of the species here are very rare and there are very few zoos, which can match up to it. The environment is so created that it s more like walking in a forest rather than a man made place. One can attend the animal shows that take place daily, whereas the children can enjoy camel rides or share food with an orangutan in the zoo’s Children’s World section.

Orchard Road

Orchard Road is Singapore’s leading shopping areas and center of tourist activity. This area is the most recommended by all due to the lively atmosphere around here. The luxury hotels, excellent restaurants, international malls selling the latest and branded stuff, coffee bars, wine bars and much more all make it a hot spot amongst tourists. The mane of this place comes from the orchard and pepper plantations that once existed here.

Jurong town
Jurong town is the center of the Singapore industry and home to number of popular tourist attractions. The town has a Chinese garden, Singapore discovery center and the Jurong Bird Park. Of these, the Jurong Bird Park is a very popular tourist attraction spread, over 20 hectares of area and about 1million visitors come each year. The park has received many awards for its services and it is the result of the country’s efforts towards the conservation of the regions natural beauty and birdlife. The park has the largest number of birds when compared to any other park in the world. There is more for which the park is known for, it has the world’s largest indoor aviary, then the world’s tallest artificial/ manmade waterfall is also found here.

Sentosa Island

A trip to the Sentosa Island is a must when visiting Singapore as it is regarded as the best places for travel and Singapore tourism. It is a 390-hectare amusement park located south of Singapore and about two million people visit it every year. The island is easily accessible by road and cable car. Visitors would need complete 1-2 days to experience the various beaches, museums, aquariums, parks, and enjoy the walks, rides and much more. The island runs its own transportation and even has 5 star hotels for accommodation.

Map of Singapore is very helpful and handy when touring the city, as it becomes easy to chalk out your city tours and the routes.

Discount Hotels With Best Facilities in Singapore:

Thinking of going to a vacation to Singapore is one of the most special ways to have an enjoyable trip! It certainly needs tons of planning and organizing to ensure that your trip is completely prearranged for it to result in one of the most enjoyable trips of your lifetime.

Cheap Singapore Hotels Booking is one of the main things to consider and hence needs to be under taken way before you plan you trip so that you are not left stranded or need to get an urgent reservation at an expensive hotel and end up paying much more. One of the biggest considerations at this point in time is the budget for hotel accommodations. Discount Singapore Hotels Rooms includes the mid-range and economy class hotels to choose from. Most of these hotels are categorized among the 1 to 3 star rating hotels correspondingly. Discount Singapore Hotels Rooms in the mid-range hotels proffers slightly above standard and regular hotel accommodations that includes a number of facilities and amenities. Whereas on the other hand the Discount Singapore Hotels Rooms in the economy class hotels include more like the ordinary accommodations and are in line with the standard requirements of hygiene and console as well as security.

It is quite obvious that if you are planning to go on vacation to Singapore you could end up spending a fortune taking into consideration all the activities and the places that you will visit during your stay along with the airfare, food, transportations and other expenses that come up. Hence the best way to stick to a budget would be to first a fall go online and check the sites that offer cheap Singapore Hotels Booking and get a reservation done. Secondly seek out hotels that provide Discount Singapore Hotels Rooms which would make you vacation expenses far too less then otherwise.

Cheap Hotels Booking deals with providing all sort of information about the different deals at different locations and destinations in and around the world. Along with providing information regarding Cheap Hotels Booking they also deal with offering discount rates on room bookings for people who go for complete package deals.

Discount Hotel Rooms in Singapore are quite easily available online on every ticket booking site. What you simply need to do, check for which hotel you need reservations and the rooms category and then go about getting your booking done at the most nominal rate.

Darwin Hotels: a Synonymous for a Soothing Stay

Darwin, situated in the northern territory of Australia, is a lively city that boasts every thing from picturesque landscapes, beaches, parks and gardens, colorful festivals, variety of food and wine, nice shopping areas, exciting nightlife, sporting spirit and quality of hotels. Being a cosmopolitan city, it is the perfect place to relax and get involved in to various enthralling activities. The city, due to its closeness with some of the popular Asian countries like Singapore and Jakarta, as well as important hot spots of Australia, hosts number of travelers frequently from all around the world.

Despite been knocked down many a time by earthquakes, Japanese bombs, and cyclones in its brief history, this city has always managed to regain its popularity among tourists.

Positioned in close destination to the Southeast Asia rather than the rest of Australia, Darwin is considered as one of the multicultural city in the world. As a great destination to explore, the city features some of the outstanding attractions like Kakadu National Park, the Tiwi Islands and Arnhem Land, Bicentennial Park, Cullen bay marina, and Mindil beach sunset market. Other important sites in Darwin that draws number of tourists to this city include museum and art gallery, botanic gardens, Old Man Rock, and Smith Street Mall. It has a relaxed outdoor lifestyle and enjoys a warm weather thereby attracting ample visitors in huge bulk throughout the year. Being a popular tourist’s destination, there is a good selection of hotels in Darwin.

As per the inflow of the tourists, whether traveling for some business purpose or just for a leisure vacation, Darwin host wide range of hotels and other accommodation options that caters the requirement of all type of tourists. From business centers to exciting dining options and from variety of things to do and see to fine accommodations, this city offers something for the pleasure of all its visitors whether bag packers or lavish travelers. The hotels of Darwin set a nice example for the quality of hospitality. Some of the well renowned luxurious hotels, seaside retreats, serviced apartment or comfortable budget hotels to hostels bed and breakfast and campsites, you can select from any of these accommodation options, as per the desire and budget.

Darwin Hotels not only provide excellent staying facilities but also take care of the comfort level of every guest. You will find standard well appointed rooms in most of the hotels that are provided with a set of modern conveniences and certain basic amenities like a comfortable bed and attached bathroom.

Travelers can easily find accommodation of their choice in every area of the city whether its downtown town area or Airport area. If you are looking forward to a luxury hotel in Darwin then put up in any of the best star hotels and resorts of the city. Close proximity with many commercial and business centers, the airport area hotels of Darwin are the major choice of selection for the travelers visiting the city. Hence it will be true to conclude that Darwin amidst number of pleasurable sights also comprise nice options of luxury and budget hotels that cater the need of all types of travelers.

To avoid any disappointment in the course of your trip, do not be hasty while looking for an accommodation in Darwin. In order to get a true synonymous for a ‘soothing stay’ make reservations for the hotel of your choice through any of the websites that avails detail information on these hotels.

The best airline for travel abroad

People often ask me which is the best airline for abroad travel. Without hesitating, I would calmly reply, “Singapore Airlines”. As a Singaporean, choosing Singapore Airlines (SIA/SQ) may seem to be being “biased” to others. However, being a Singaporean does not mean that we are obliged to choose SIA. My choice was touched by my experience whilst flying with SIA from Singapore to Hong Kong, and no other airline till now has provided me with such a great experience, despite having travelled from Singapore to further destinations such as China, Korea, etc.

SIA has several Self-Checkin Machines provided for its passengers in Singapore Changi Intl’ Airport, its homeland. There,in less than minutes, one is able to check-in. The efficiency of its service is applaudable. Next, when boarding the flight, it is the cabin design which greets you awe-inspired. SIA has a world-class cabin which provides its passengers with its world-renowned KrisWorld Entertainment.

The KrisWorld Entertainment definitely left me in a daze as there were tons of movies to choose from, tens of games to beat the scores, as well as other exciting facts and features. The fact that every passenger, despite being in Economy, Business or First Class gets the benefits of using the KrisWorld is certainly remarkable.

Besides having to enjoy its entertainment, SIA also provides food beyond one’s taste buds. The various international and local delicacies is definitely satisfying one.

Furthermore, SIA’s fleet contains planes ranging from Boeing 777 to the Airbus A380, which are all large aircraft, thus providing its passengers with spacious legroom and generous seating.

What gave me the best impression was when I was leaving Hong Kong back to Singapore. The SIA staff gave all its passengers stickers with the SIA Logo as well as the flight number, of which mine was SQ859. I strongly feel that such an idea is excellent as it allows the SIA Staff or even airport staff to identify and help passengers when they are lost or even late for a flight.

Keep it up, SIA!

Choosing the Right it Degree Course

Once the students complete their A Level exams, or IT Diploma courses, the long wait for results begins. Most students take the much needed break and have some fun but fun is not the only thing on their mind. They are also thinking about their future education prospects.

Research Phase

Most students aspiring for an IT degree secretly begin to look at the various universities and IT colleges that offer IT degree programs. They check out the kinds of IT degree programs available, and the minimum score required to get admission in the universities. This is a crucial research phase where not only students, but their parents also start looking for information high and low.

Criteria for the Right Degree Course

Students scour the websites, ask their friends and relatives, and check out every resource to get as much information as they can get for the various -universities, colleges, IT courses. Small details like the community, hostel accommodation, food choices, and accessibility to transport, distance are all considered and weighed.

Most Crucial Question

One of the most crucial questions is most often the fees. Not just the tuition fees, but the overall expenses for a whole year. Since most full time degree courses last about 4 years, the overall costs mount quickly, and the students need to check out their budgets and affordability over the long term period. Study loans and scholarships are available in most universities, but they still need to be paid back.

Boosting Your IT Degree Application with Additional Tests – SAT

Most students start applying to the universities directly based on the marks they are expecting in their A level exams or Diploma courses. To boost your chances for admission to an IT Degree program of your choice, you can sit for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). This exam scores your aptitude in English & Mathematics, and is highly regarded by most top universities in the world as a correct assessment of your scholastic aptitude.

Sending Your SAT Scores To As Many Universities

The good thing is that the result of your SAT score is directly sent to the universities of your choice. These scores will boost your chances of getting admission in the IT degree program that you prefer. The SAT score is submitted free of charge to 3 of your selected universities. Of course, you can select as many as you want, and SAT will send your scores to all these universities for a small fee.

Show your Competence in English Language – Appearing for a TOEFL course

If you are applying for a Degree course in Singapore, or in any other English speaking country, doing a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam is often a good idea. This test will be able to ascertain your grasp of the English language, and it will help the schools assess the skills of foreign students in English language. This provides a good idea of your ability to interact with other students, teacher and the community well with a good command over English.

Putting Your Life Where Your Passion Is

While researching for the perfect university, choosing the best course and identifying the top School are important, many students finally choose to go to a school where their parents say, or where their friends are going.

Don’t forget that you must choose a course where your passion lies – something that gives you a thrill to study about, to experiment and to try out new things. If you get admission in a course just because your friends are doing there, or you happen to get admission in a prestigious university or course, most likely it may not work out that well. You may turn out to be a mediocre success, regretting later about the choices you made as a student.

Choose a course carefully and thoughtfully. It should be something that you are passionate about… so that you enjoy it for life. Student life doesn’t come again, and finishes fast. Don’t regret about a wrong choice your entire adult life. Instead, choose an IT or Business Degree program that you are most interested in, and want to base a career upon.

If you listen to your heart and make a decision, you will have a rich and fulfilling life that you will enjoy and have fun with.

Understanding Medical Tourism and Its Affordability in India

Every human in this earth has a dream to excel and earn a better and comfortable livelihood. To achieve this people works so hard and often lead hectic schedules in life. They hardly get proper time to eat and sleep and merely forget how important their health is if they are to stay fit and keep working and earning.

Someone has rightly said that “health is wealth” – if you are in good health, you can earn in a variety of ways but ill health deteriorates your plan and your dreams can not be fulfilled. Now the treatment cost skyrocketing, it is better if you stay healthy otherwise be informed beforehand where to seek medical assistance to get healed from your ailments.

The concept of traveling to distant places for health check-up is a talked-about issue today as this process has significantly aided people in earning good health in considerably reduced cost. This concept has given the term “Medical Tourism” and many Asian counties like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, countries like South Africa and Australia are popularly known for medical tourism but the strong competent with these countries is India, and the industry related is the India Medical Tourism Industry.

Yes! You read it right. Today India has become a preferred medical tourism destination for the people around the globe. Reason behind this popularity is varied, which are discussed in detail below:

Affordable Cost – Treatment cost in India is far cheaper in comparison to cost needed for the treatment in the US, the UK and other European and Asian Countries. For an example, bone marrow transplant in the US cost $250,000 and £150,000 in the UK whereas the procedure with same compatibility and success rate is done at $26,000 in India. Heart surgery and cardiac care cost around $200,000 in the US which is done in India at as low as $30,000. Gastric bypass cost $65,000 in the US and £34,800 in the UK but the process in done in $9,500 in India. In addition to this, mostly the health care packages include airfare, hotel charges and a package to famous tourist destinations in India. Is not this a good idea?

World Class Health Care Centers – India has many corporate hospitals that are highly compatible to the hospitals in the US and other developed nations. Hospitals are well equipped sophisticated instruments, machines and laboratories that can deliver quick and accurate diagnosis and health care solutions. One health care official in Delhi has once said that once the door is closed, you will find yourself in the US.

Qualified Health-Care Professionals- Indian doctors are well qualified, highly trained and most of them have working experience in western counties hospitals. Hence, they know how to care and deliver quality medical treatments to international patients.

Quick Treatment Availability – People in countries like Canada and the UK has to encounter long waiting list that last more than a year if they want hip replacement surgery and this could be really painful and tiresome for the patients. But the case is something different in India as the patients would be in operating room the next morning they reach India for the process.

Availability of Linguistic Expert – Just imagine you landed in a foreign land and there is no one to understand your problem and needs and it is a dreaded nightmare for many people. But nothing as such will happen if you are traveling to India because you will find widely English speaking people in India or you can easily hire linguistic experts in case you need people knowing languages other than English.

Despite these major factors, medical tourism company in India can manage budget fitting tour packages and luxury to affordable hotels to stay. To make your trip more memorable one, you are cordially received at the airport and taken to hotels or directly to the hospital in case of emergency. Medical tourism agency like IMT can manage a touring guide, avail car rental facility to give a comfortable ride during your health care cum touring vacation.

If you are looking for health check-up, think on visiting to India for the same. Many has been benefited, they have wisely saved their hard-earned money. Choice is yours; Indian hospitals being consecutively accredited by Joint Commission International and having thorough standardization, it has prefect solution to your every ailment and tourism agents willing to make your stay more intriguing and refreshing.

Tips For Finding Really Dirt Cheap Airfare

First of all, if you intend traveling on the summertime or any other period of the year, you ought to explore how to find the cheapest air flight. Whenever you take a research you should always compare prices from two or more websites before catching up with your mind. Making an early booking can save you a great amount of money from flight cost. You could have savings as much as 20 percent off the airfare ticket by booking early.

Check out if you are qualified for frequent flyer discount from your airline carrier. As a frequent flyer the airline carrier offers special discount for travelers in this club, so the longer you fly with the airline carrier the more travel miles you gain. Opting for electronic tickets can save you some money, because paper tickets generally attract extra fees like airfare taxes, ticketing fees and security charges. By browsing travel websites on the Internet you are able to discover fancy dirt cheap airfare. They carry unimagined prices for their air tickets as a result of their partnership with airlines. Several airline carriers give a ticket for free after you fly the first eight times. This is an excellent way to obtain inexpensive airfares.

Some other great ways to find low-budget airline tickets is to view at all of the available airlines to your destination city. Don’t just go over the big airline carriers. Take a look at a few of the smaller charter airline carriers as well.

The best deals on college student rate flight tickets involve overseas traveling with numerous of domestic and international flights featuring travel stay restrictions and need student identification at the time of the booking. If you have not intended ahead and still consider to travel at the last minute, then the best way to save money is to not plan on traveling to a particular destination.

Nearly all carriers will run periodical specials to certain spots, and if you jump on one of these special fares you can even get low-bargained airline tickets at the last minute. One good way of finding a great bargain on your low-bargained air flights to Asia is to combine air flights rather than booking a non stop fare. Find a discounted flight to Korea or Singapore and then grab one of the low-bargained air flights to the destination of your choice available from those destinations. You must be smart to find the best price.

When looking for discount air flights, you must have a lot of patience to get the most astounding rates, but I assure you, it is worth the effort. In concluding, keep in mind that air travel on off peak seasons are normally lower because in such periods, airplane fares are less on demand.

Amazing foods of Asia

Asia, as a very colorful continent itself, definitely offers a very colorful taste of foods. From sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, into a mix of all those tastes. Many comment Asian foods are unique and even exotic and I can imagine it actually refers to the richness of taste they have. And as to why Asian foods have a rich taste I believe it’s because Asian people are very open to other and willing to make adaption all the time.

This especially can be seen in a particular county which has a colorful citizen, colorful land, colorful food, which is Singapore.

This country has become known for its uniqueness and has even declare its uniqueness as its top description, Uniquely Singapore. In this country, one can taste foods from all over Asia. From Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Indian, and so many other country’s traditional foods are available here. Not only open to foods from all over Asia, adaption that leads to improvement and evolution has also been made thus a new dish with a new taste have been born.

Take rojak as an example. This originally Indonesian version of salad used to consist of only fruits in a peanut dressing have now been developed in Singapore into a mixture of fruits, Chinese dough sticks, cured cuttlefish, tofu puffs and also century eggs added into it. The taste has been twisted from just sour-spicy-and-fresh-mix-fruit s-only into a sour-spicy-salty-nutritious-fi lling-and-still-fresh-dish.

Other not-to-miss-Singapore-food if you happen to be in Singapore is definitely its chicken rice. This dish is actually can be considered as the national dish due to the fact that it can be found in almost every street corner coffee shop and coffee houses of hotels in Singapore. This dish has originally been brought to Singapore by immigrants from Hainan, China, and again, it has been modified and evolved to become one of the delicious signature of Singapore.

Well, the list of foods can keep going on and on with other dishes like laksa, bak kut teh, the-not-so-healthy-but-absolut ely-delicious-char-kway-teow, and also satay. But it’s just impossible to list off everything here. Besides, without lengthening the list I guess it still enough to conclude the greatness of Asian dishes, and also the rich taste that can be expected from it.

Five Star Hotels in Singapore are Lined Up on All Prominent Online Hotels Booking Websites

Singapore is a trend setter example for those ones who are always looking for some excuses for hiding their weakness. It does not have natural resources but remarkably established itself as a prominent regional hub for international trade, shipping and air transport. Most of the fortune multinational companies have established their office in Singapore. The prominent industries in Singapore are electronics, chemicals, financial services, petroleum refining, food processing, ship repair, offshore platform construction, biotechnology and entrepot trade.


Such fine business centre needs high end luxury hotels. Hence, numerous five star hotels in Singapore are lined up on all prominent online hotels booking websites. This cosmopolitan city is friendly for every community. Major religions in the country are Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. Almost all people regardless of community and religion have high level of disposable income compared to other Southeast Asian country people. Such statistic also encourages Singapore 5 star hotels for their further expansion.


Domestic and international telecommunication services in Singapore are the best in the world which is an essential component of being world class business spot. Even transportation system is excellent here. The country magnificently manages sea and air carriers. The major trading partners of the country are Malaysia, US, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea. Exported goods include electrical and electronic products, machineries and equipments, processed foods, consumer goods, chemicals and mineral fuels. Similarly, major imported goods are machineries and equipments, mineral fuels, chemicals and foods.


Star hotels Singapore is perfectly aware with the needs and sentiments of the guest as most of guests are business persons who frequently come into the country. Usually, these person belongs to Malaysia, US, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea and star hotels always keep prepare themselves for all sorts of demands like conferencing facility, meeting rooms and so on. Even, prominent online hotel booking websites also may offer several special packages for frequent business persons. Numerous discounted offer packages and deals from foremost hotels turned them into good quality budget hotels which attract wide range of middle income group as well.

One can be benefited with several ways while booking their accommodation through these websites. Apart from discounted packages and deals, numerous special offers may be available here for students and senior citizens. Few additional benefits also may be offered like airport transfer facilities, tickets for events and shows and so on. Hence truly, time has arrived to embody your dream tour to Singapore.