Get Set For A True Taste Of Scotland Concept Through Singapore Bar And Restaurant Franchise

The HIGHLANDER truly reflects the face of Scotland in the heart of Singapore, and is not just another pub clone, says founder of Highlander, a veteran in the local and Asian dining and entertainment scene and a true Scotsman from Aberdeen.

The HIGHLANDER is a 2,500 square foot piece of Scotland with everything reflecting the pride and history of Scottish heritage – traditional antler chandeliers, tartan kilts, haggis, Scottish music and contemporary stills of Scotland adorning the walls.

Fashionable designer tartan outfits will be worn by staff of both genders while customers will also be offered kilts if they wish to get into the swing of things at the HIGHLANDER.

A highlight of the HIGHLANDER is its offering of the biggest range of whiskies available in Asia, from premium single malts to house pours and a line up of unique cocktails made form the water of life the English translation of the Gaelic description for whisky uisge beatha.

The HIGHLANDER imported whiskies from all the major distilleries in Scotland for the HIGHLANDER customers something that has never been done in Singapore bar and restaurant franchise before. The main attraction of the bar is the library of whiskies on display reflecting the extensive array of more than 200 whiskies by the glass with prices ranging from $12+++ to $100+++ per shot. Regular whisky tastings will be the norm at the HIGHLANDER for both the novice and connoisseur.

Dine on Scottish favourites such as Scotch Eggs; Haggis, Grilled Royal Deeside Salmon, Venison Sausages with Onion Marmalade, White Meale Pudding; the traditional dessert Cranachan oats soaked in whisky with fresh berries; as well as the traditional Scottish breakfast fry-up proudly called The Frying Scotsman, which is available all-day.

Scotland has a lot to offer and we hope to give our customers a flavour of its culture, cuisine and character at the HIGHLANDER. We want to make sure that the appeal at the HIGHLANDER is universal – as good food and drink, music and company truly are.

Having enjoyed overwhelming success at its Clarke Quay outlet, The HIGHLANDER is ready to share the experience with more of the region through business investments franchise opportunities. The team at The HIGHLANDER is ready to develop and share their concept with investors seeking solid business investments in an ever growing Food & Beverage and Singapore bar and restaurant franchise arena. The HIGHLANDER is an available Singapore bar and restaurant franchise, which Astreem Corporation is their franchise consultants. Astreem is on the lookout for franchise opportunities for The HIGHLANDER regionally as well as internationally. Singapore franchise opportunities for local or overseas are available through Astreems list of franchise business opportunities clients.

Make Your Holidays Unforgettable in Singapore Hotels


Singapore has always been a hot favorite among the travelers world wide. People come to Singapore to spend their holidays. Singapore hotels are very distinct and can make your holiday trip, a memorable one. The great hospitality, delicious food and the luxury offered in these hotels can make you fall in love with Singapore.

With a huge density of population in Singapore, finding an accommodation to travelers may seem a difficult task. But it is not so. There are a large number of hotels in Singapore and many tourists come throughout the year, to spend their leisure time. To holiday in Singapore, is really a great idea.

The spectacular beaches, incredible museums, shopping malls and exotic cosmopolitan culture of Singapore paved the way to the growth of hotel industry in Singapore. The hotels offer a convenient accommodation to all the international visitors. Singapore hotels cater to the needs of people of both elite and middle class people. There are many luxury hotels along with cheap hotels in Singapore.

Luxury Hotels

There are a wide range of luxury hotels in Singapore. Besides a good stay, you can enjoy great food, the exuberance of spas, massages and the facility of swimming pool dip in these hotels. Every moment of your trip can be bliss with the great hospitality that these hotels provide. You have to spend more dollars to experience the luxury of these hotels. But each pie you pay is worth spending to make your holiday trip very exciting and entertaining.

Cheap Hotels

If you don’t have enough money to stay in a luxury hotel, you can opt for a cheap hotel in Singapore. The cheap hotels are cheap in terms of expenses. They provide high quality services and good food with some local delicacies. It is obvious that the standard is not as high as compared to the luxury hotels. However, you can always enjoy many other things in these hotels. Your stay in these can be thrilling when you get a great hospitality.

Touring to Singapore for a holiday trip, has become very easy, as, many online websites. These sites have a tie-up with the hotels in Singapore. You can easily book a room either in a luxury hotel or in a Singapore cheap hotels and make your trip hassle free. With the help of internet you can browse through many sites and find out the facilities offered by the hotels in Singapore. You can select one, that suits your budget and walk in after you reach Singapore.


The most beautiful places youve traveled to

Singapore is known for its clean and green, green city. Situated just at the most southern tip of Malaysia, separated by a causeway of a five minutes drive, Singapore takes a tiny dot of spot on the world map.

As small as its gets, there are many wonders, not just SEVEN Wonders, which have been discovered and have yet to be discovered in Singapore. With the government of Singapore planning to redevelop the city that constitutes 4.2 million people at present into a 6.2 million population, there are still some hidden treasures that are untouched and protected to preserve the rich heritage and traditions of this part of the Far East.

There are many cultures we adopt and we are known for our racial harmony, living and growing up with mainly Indian, Chinese, Malay & Eurasian counterparts. That’s why our local people are easy with foreigners. Indeed we try to accommodate and be as hospitable as we can be to our guests to ensure they have the best and comfortable stay, not forgetting that they should have a Uniquely Singapore experience.

Getting your way around is made easy.

99.9% of the locals speak English and we have a well-known accent and “slang” famously known as “Sing-lish” (Singapore English). You can reach every corner of the island with Singapore’s modern public transportation system. Taxis are abundant and affordable, the bus network and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) rail system are both efficient and reliable. The MRT gets you around from the east to the west in just an hour. That will just cost about S$1 S$2. Taxis are charged by meter so you are ensured that you will not be ripped off or have to worry about bargaining for taxi rides. The metre starts from S$2.40 and a trip from one location to another will cost about S$6 S$12.

Choice of stay is in abundance!

Singapore offers a wide variety of accommodation types to suit all budgets and preferences. They range from backpacker, budget and youth hostels to boutique and five-star hotel. Most hotels come with standard facilities like International Direct Dial (IDD) phones, internet and cable, room service, mini bars, data ports for modem, no-smoking rooms or floors, and business and fitness centers furnished with the latest equipment. In my upcoming issues, I will do a ground work research on the various accommodation categories and will provide full information such as rates and facilities. If space permits location map and fact sheets will be added for your easy reference.

Food, food, food.

From Ancient To Futuristic – Singapore Has It All

By Roy Witman

The home page of the official Singapore tourism site suggests that you’ll “discover a world of unique contrasts” when visiting this island. Nothing could be truer! From ancient culture to modern luxury… from mystical old traditions to mind-blowing sci-fi exhibits in the Singapore Science Center, you’ll find plenty to see and do. Interested in the past? Present? Future? Singapore delivers enough unique entertainment for the entire family.

Jurong Bird Park

Filled with color (and feathers!), Jurong Bird Park is home to over 9,000 birds of over 600 species. Sure, you can visit birds almost anywhere in the world, but can they visit you? Go behind the scenes and feed the Lories with this up-close experience few get to have. Tour the walk-in aviary complete with simulated thunderstorms or the waterfall aviary where the birds fly free. You can even view the feeding of the pelicans… from underneath the water! Flamingos, macaws, hornbills, cocktatoos, penguins and more welcome you to their homes each time you visit.

Singapore Science Center Water Works

Here’s fun for the whole family! The Singapore Science Center is filled with excitement and intrigue, but one of the favorites for both adults and children is the Water Works. With both indoor and outdoor areas, you splash around and get completely wet as you learn about water and conservation. The Water Maze lets you work your way through twists and turns as jets of water blast out from everywhere. Water Rockets empower you with supersonic water guns you can shoot high into the air. There are over 11 exhibits in all including a giant dryer so you can dry off while you learn about the evaporation process. Truly a unique experience.

History and Heritage

With a history that dates back thousands of years, Singapore is rich with culture. From brilliantly decorated temples to the midnight supper at Lau Pa Sat market, you’ll be thrilled with the tradition and legacy that is still alive today amid this modern city.

Singapore River

Remarkably beautiful, historically significant and geographically important; the Singapore River runs through the heart of the city and empties into the ocean. Previously used for trade and defense, this small body of water now hosts delightful tours. Or you can enjoy the river view shore-side thanks to the abundance of restaurants and shops that line the waterfront.

Night Safaris

Another first for Singapore is Night Safari. The first wildlife park built specifically for night tours, Night Safari lets you and your family catch a glistening glimpse of bobcat eyes in the dark, hyenas on the move or rhinos in their natural environment. Since most of the animals here are nocturnal, it only made sense to develop a program for viewing these creatures while they are most active. Each exhibit is illuminated with special techniques so you get to see these species in a whole new light! Explore by foot or via tram.

The best of old and new come together in Singapore. Whether you seek adventure and romance or an educational family experience, Singapore and its surrounding islands give a vacation that won’t soon be forgotten. When booking your next cruise, ask your travel agent about voyages that call on Singapore.

How do people around the world relax?

Life is full of surprises and it is not easy to budget life’s expectations and what the world throw at you.One thing for sure, stress is a sure killer, along side with broken heart syndrome.

I am speaking as an ‘Oriental’ or someone from the South East Asia. Originated from Singapore, we are a very busy bunch and even now, stress levels are getting to an all level high as children as young as 3 have been ‘ordered’ to be sent to schools to be educated and peer pressure even caused some children to mimic what they see on TV, Violence and Death. It is not just working 9 to 5 but it’s more or less 0600 to 1900 hours ritual daily, rushing to get ready, for breakfast and to work and to complete work.

Back in my days, things are very much relaxed and slow paced, unlike now that you even rush to grab a seat on the train or even on the buses that common courtesy lacks nowadays adding to the stress level.

So how do we cope with things? Mainly, in Singapore, space is at a premium and time is of essence. We have all sorts of ways to cheer ourselves out and even the Government is helping out by utilising as much space as possible like creating parks and open air spaces, playgrounds and fitness corners and many more. Even the void decks under the flats are put to good use like having some game corners, a place where people can meet and have celebrations like weddings or even funeral wakes.

Singapore is known for their clean country and rigid rules. Placing fitness and wellness is the core essence to any Singaporean. Men have to serve National Service for 2 years in either the Military or the Civil Forces like the Police, Marine, Civil Defense, Fire Brigade and Civil Services.

If it is not enough, the men have to ensure they are in fit condition as a reservist and attend Individual Personal Physical-Fitness Training Test or IPPT Test annually and report for active duty for 3 weeks every year for 13 years or till they are 65. To the normal person who don’t find it amusing enough, it is actually more or less a time for the guys to get away from the wifes and the normal chores ,with full pay that is, and get around with old friends, for 3 weeks, putting their lives with each other, living the good old days, and well, have fun.

Singaporean Forces are nown to call this weeks of R&R or Rest and Recreation because, normally it would be more or less guys’ night out and …deployment overseas with no kids in tow. Meeting old friends, talking ‘cock’ , singing songs

Asia Family Holiday Guide

If you are planning to holiday in Asia with your young family, here are some tips and recommendations to make your Asian holiday that much more enjoyable.

Be it relaxing in heavenly Bali villas, or hiking in Kuta Kinabalu, or enjoying Disney World in Tokyo, Asia offers a huge variety of holiday destinations for those with younger children.

However, as rewarding as it is, traveling with the younger ones in Asia is not always an easy sail.

Here are some insights gained traveling across Asia with children in tow, over the past 10 years.

Getting There and Back

It is more than likely that you will be taking a commercial flight to Asia.

Here is the first word of caution. As far as traveling with the young ones is concerned, not all airlines are created equal. No, I don’t mean the level of service you can expect, as this seems to be of quite a high level whichever Asian based major airline you choose. In our experience, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand, and Emirates all offer great service when you are traveling with kids.

However, the big difference comes in how much different carriers choose to charge for the younger ones. Some carriers, for example, charge 10 percent of an adult fare, for infants, traveling on your lap, without a seat. At first, this may sound like a fair deal. However, if you consider the fact that this 10 percent is calculated as a percentage of a -Full Published Adult Fare- price, you may find that you are paying as much for your infant’s air fare, as you are for your own discounted fare! The good news is, not all airlines use this pricing policy, and if you shop around, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars even before you leave home!

Also, do keep in mind, that many airlines will offer special -Child Meals-. Some, such as Singapore Airlines, do also offer different menus for different age groups.

Similarly, for toddlers and older kids, it is worth checking what is on offer in terms of flight entertainment. Some airlines will have dedicated children’s cartoon channels, with a large selection of entertainment options, whilst others may not. If you are traveling long-haul, this alone could make a huge difference to how well your Asian holiday kicks off.

Transportation on the Ground

The quality and safety of ground transportation varies immensely from one Asian Country to the other. However, as a general rule of thumb, do not expect taxis to provide child safety seats, and in many parts of Asia, even rental cars may not have the child safety seat option.

The good news is, across most of Asia, metered taxis are plentiful, and relatively well maintained, with working seat belts. When you are in Singapore, you can expect (or even demand); fully functioning seat belts both at the front and back passenger seats. In other parts of the region, you may find that seat belts have been removed, on purpose, because ‘they get in the way’.

So, if you are adamant that you would like child safety seats whilst holidaying in Asia, you may consider bringing your own, or picking one up, when you land at your destination.

Probably with the exception of Japan, Korea and Taiwan, facilities on local train services are of a variable quality, and unless you are going for gold, and staying on the Palace on Wheels in India, or a special First Class trip between Beijing and Shanghai, you may want to plan well, and take all your essentials on board with you.

Food Matters

Whilst most westerners find Asian food (especially South Asian, or South East Asian food), quite spicy, this is not necessarily an issue when traveling with the younger ones. Most hotels and restaurants will prepare food for the little ones separately, without the spices. Also, if in doubt, plain noodles, or plain rice with some vegetables on the side is always readily available as a good stop gap ration. Depending on how off the beaten track you decide to travel, you are more than likely to find, old favourites such as fish-fingers, chicken nuggets, and hamburgers in most parts of Asia.

One word of caution on the food front is the liberal use of MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) in Asian cooking. This food additive is also used in the west (mostly packaged crisps/chips), and in principle is no more harmful than many of the E numbers we may consume daily. However, in many Asian countries MSG is used very liberally, especially in soups and food with sauces. In China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, to name a few countries, you can expect that your soups and sauces will contain MSG by default. Many parents who live and travel in Asia complain that excessive MSG causes dehydration, lethargy, and mood swings with some younger children (and many adults are also found to be sensitive to excessive MSG). If concerned, request for your food to be prepared without any MSG, or choose MSG-free restaurants, increasingly available across the region.

Bare Necessities

In general, availability and the condition of public toilets in Asia leave much to be desired. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Singapore and Japan for example, typically provide some of the cleanest public conveniences to be found anywhere in the world. Also, in each country, there are certain locations, such as hotels and airports where hygiene standards are going to be at international levels. However, it is good practice to always carry your own tissues, and wet wipes with you when traveling in Asia. Also, to address this problem, in many Asian cities, you can also find special antiseptic wet-wipes, which are very handy when dealing with some of the lesser public conveniences.

It is also worth noting that, restaurants/coffee-shops do not always provide their own toilets for guest use, and more than likely share facilities with other establishments. This is true for even larger malls, and good quality restaurants in hygiene conscious Singapore. So, the old trick of, grabbing an unwanted cup of coffee or a drink at a restaurant, just to be able to use the facilities is not always a solution in Asia.

Similarly, availability of baby changing rooms varies immensely across the region. In Singapore, and Hong Kong for example, changing facilities are readily available in most shopping malls, one almost on each floor. However, when you are off the beaten track, even some good quality hotels may not provide child changing facilities.

Breast Feeding in Public

As a general rule of thumb, if you decided to breast feed in public, regardless of how discrete you are being, expect to be stared at. The good news is, across most of the region, this is no more sinister than surprise and interest on the part of the locals. If in doubt, you may want to retreat to a quiet corner, back of a restaurant, or baby changing facilities.

My Child is a Model!

If your children are under four or five years old, and/or blonde or with naturally curly hair, expect to be approached in parts of Asia by total strangers wanting to take photos of your child!

Again, there is nothing sinister about this request. They just want to capture the -cute factor- and share this amazing image with their friends and families.

You will typically be approached by Japanese, Korean, and Chinese ladies, who will want to pose with your child, and take each other’s photos. However, there seems to be no age or gender limit to this interest, over the years, our little ones have been photographed by business people in suits, restaurant chefs, and the odd octogenarian in small villages.

Asia’s Love for Children

One thing is for sure. Wherever you go to in Asia with your young family, you will find the locals ever helpful and highly interactive with your little ones. Asian’s love children, they love their own children, and also the children of foreign tourists.

My advice is, make the most of this, and allow your children to interact with the local population, be it your villa team at your rental Bali villa, or a chef in a Chinese restaurant, or the old lady selling flower garlands outside a temple in Thailand!

Most important of all, don’t feel like you have to wait till the kids are older before you can visit Asia. Have a go; both you and the children will love this colourful part of the world.

Enjoy your Asian holiday.

Many happy returns…

Best of 2008: Vacation destinations

There have been very good vacation destinations in the year 2008 all around the world. We can talk about United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), France, Italy, Bahamas, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Africa and many other such places. According to me, my best vacation destination of 2008 India.

In India you can get to vacation many places from North to South and from West to East. India is full of vacation destinations and is not that much costly too. In the North of India you can find the great Taj Mahal which is also one of the seven wonders of the world and then you can also find the Kashmir in Himalayas, Delhi, Chandigarh, Tiger Sanctuary and many such great places to visit.

In West of India you can find Rajasthan (place known for its beautiful forts), Mumbai, Goa, Gir forest (only place in Asia to see Lions) and other such places to visit. In the South of India you can find some exotic beaches, backwaters of Kerala, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mysore and other such great places to visit. Whereas in the East of India you can find the Sunderbans, Kolkata, Assam, Darjeeling and other such nice places to visit.

What makes India a my favorite place of vacation destination is that here you can find various places to visit like temples, beaches, forests, monuments, cities, gardens, casinos, mosques, churches, museums, sanctuaries, hill stations, mountains and much more places. Thus, if you have visited India then you should have certainly loved it, and if you are thinking of visiting India then you will certainly love the experience.

What’s good about India is that it is not only a mixture of nice and wonderful places, but in India you can find people of various religions, cultures, languages etc. So, you will be able to meet a lot of people and able to learn a lot from Indians.

Some of the places which you must visit in India are:

1. Taj Mahal (Agra)

2. New Delhi (many nice places to visit here)

3. Mumbai

4. Kolkata

5. Chennai

6. Hyderabad

7. Mysore

8. Goa (there are good casinos here)

9. Kashmir (risky place, but worth visiting)

10. Jaipur and nearby places.

11. Gir Sanctuary to watch Asiatic Lions.

12. Sunderbans to watch White Tigers.

13. Backwaters of Kerala.

14. Ganga (Ganges) river.

Besides these, there are also other good places you could visit here, but you should also beware of pick-pockets, outside food sold by hawkers, sunstroke, terrorists and other such harmful things. If you manage them out, then your vacation in India will really be a nice and wonderful experience.

Flights to Perth: Time Your Flight Right

Perth is a fantastic place to visit and has a lot to offer tourists. The first pointer for tourists is to note down the off-peak and peak seasons. November to February and during school holiday is considered peak season where the weather is fantastic, whereas April to July is considered off-peak where the weather is humid and rain can be troublesome.

Perth is the fourth largest city in Australia and a population of over 1.5 million. Perth is different in many ways but one interesting fact is that it is geographically closer to Singapore than it is to Sydney due to its location in Australia.

Tourists arrive on flights daily and whether it is for business or pleasure, they always enjoy their stay. It has been noted how friendly and welcoming the public are and this is the first thing you notice when arriving in Perth.

There is plenty of culture to take in, Museums are very popular in Australia and the Western Australian Museum in Perth is one of the best around. Here you can find elaborate displays of Aboriginal artefacts for all to admire. The maritime museum also brings history alive with submarines from the Australian Navy visible.

People choose book flights to Perth for many reasons. For those art lovers, the West Australian Art Gallery is home to the state’s premier art collection. The Perth Concert Hall hosts many theatre, opera, ballet and orchestral performances and Burswood Dome hosts music concerts from the modern era.

After booking your flights to Perth you are set for a great holiday with a range of activities to do. Transport in Perth is also very good but you may want to hire a car in order to see the sights at your own speed. Enjoy your holiday to Perth where you will have the experience of a lifetime.

With flights to Perth widely available there is no need to wait to experience a great culture. You can book flights online where you can find the best deals on flights by comparing the leading operators.


Singapore Hotels: Hospitality Redefined

Planning of going to Singapore? The city offers various ways to make your trip most enjoyable. Apart from its unique heritage, amazing ambiance, and many other attractions such as music, festivals, and theater; wonderful dining and shopping facilities the city welcomes visitors with warm hospitality services. In fact, hotels in Singapore are known for their unmatched warmth and friendly hospitality services.

International visitors always look for something unique and different. They also want a convenient and hassle-free lodging and dining services during their stay. Singapore offers the same and more. Visiting Singapore is a fun and exciting experience thanks to the hotels in Singapore.

People also want to have unique experience that they can cherish and share with their nearer and dearer. With their unique way of serving travelers, they make every moment of your stay a memorable one.

Getting quality accommodation is one of the most crucial aspects of our tours and for that purpose reserving hotel room/s is also very important to avoid any kind of in inconvenience at last moment. Finding a right hotel in Singapore is not difficult. As all other services you will find Singapore hotels reservation services very satisfactory as well.

In order to make your trip one of the most pleasurable trips of your lifetime, you certainly need proper planning.  Whether it’s cheap or expensive, every hotel in Singapore offers top class services. Book your room/s in advance as planning in advance is always considered good in order to ensure a convenient traveling.

One of the most important considerations for every traveler is the budget. If you are looking forward for an inexpensive tour, Singapore cheap hotels are there to serve you. However, these cheap hotels don’t offer cheap services.

The Singapore cheap hotels offer wide range of choices to choose from. These hotels offer excellent hotel accommodation services that include a number of services and amenities. These quality hotels have every standard service regarding hygiene, comfort, and security.

Most of these Singapore cheap hotels offer round the clock room services. Restaurants at these hotels are very tastefully furnished and serve a wide variety of dishes. There are lounges and bars also available in most of the hotels. With such quality hotels, you can enjoy your stay in the city with almost every pleasure without spending a fortune.

If you are one with deep pockets, you may prefer to stay in luxury hotels. There are many Singapore luxury hotels that offer every kind the comfort and elegance to visitors. Equipped with modern services and facilities, these luxury hotels cater their guests with top class services. You will find rooms perfectly decorated incorporating the taste and culture of Singapore.

Singapore hotels offer all kinds of information regarding hotel accommodation. Avail these services along with Singapore hotel reservation services to book room/s at these Singapore cheap hotels as well as Singapore luxury hotels.


Comparing Chinese and Indian food

Both the countries have very old culture which is reflected in their foods as well. Most of the article I have read on this topic have some bias since most of the people have not tasted the entire variety of both the foods.

Being an Indian I like Indian food but that does not mean than that I dont like Chinese Food. Some people of said dishes like Chowmin, Chopsuey etc. believe me these are not chinese dishes. Actually in terms of variety chinese food has got more diverse variety than Indian food. I stay in Singapore for the past eight years and developed some knowledge of chinese food. The variety is so much that you can have one different dish for your every meal (2 meals a day)for entire year (that I am talking about the variety available in Singapore).

No doubt that Indian food is tasty but so also chinese. There is a myth that chinese food does not have spices and herbs.

One thing which is great in chienese food is that it’s calming to the stomoch, that is after havaing a full meal you dont feel agitated as compared to Indian food (again not all varieties).

Now coming back to India food, for most of the people Indian food is Naan, Tanduri, Chicken Tikka etc. But believe me more than 99% of Indian dont eat this kind of food at home, I mean to say the kind of food you get in Indian restauants is completely different from what is eaten at home.

In a nutshell food is food. One should not compare two foods, the main purpose of food is to surive. Now the there is one more question which can come up “Do we live to eat to eat to live?”